‘Extreme Greeks’ Set Stage For ‘Insane’ Price Action: Nomura’s McElligott

On Tuesday, Nomura's Charlie McElligott emphasized that when it comes to whether risk appetite can recover in earnest into year end, it all comes down to the Trump-Xi meeting at the G20. Previously, McElligott was in the camp calling for a tactical rally in equities thanks to a confluence of factors including re-risking from systematic strats, macro funds getting long and hedge funds/asset managers being forced to chase the market higher after low-ticking their exposure on October 29 just befor
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3 thoughts on “‘Extreme Greeks’ Set Stage For ‘Insane’ Price Action: Nomura’s McElligott

  1. I really enjoy your articles – they are all way over my head – and I am fine with that. I just wonder if you could add a paragraph at the end of the articles like this one with a quick summary of the major point without any greek or jargon. It would help me make sure that I really understand what I think I understand. In any case thank you again.

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