In This Market, ‘Fear’ Has A Split Personality

In case you haven't noticed, the whole "peak profits" narrative gained a lot of traction this month amid the slide in U.S. stocks. In fact, there's a strong argument to be made that the fear of declining bottom line growth is one of the key factors weighing on sentiment. Everyone knows the effects of the stimulus are set to wane going forward and it looks like corporate bottom lines are destined to take a hit from Trump's tariffs, especially if the administration moves ahead with duties on the
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2 thoughts on “In This Market, ‘Fear’ Has A Split Personality

  1. A dose of tariff related stagflation and peak earnings fall off looks lethal, doesn’t it? We are winning so much, we need a change.

    1. Add in the election, Brexit, Italy, Saudi hit squads, Iran, Mueller reveal… I hope I’m not right but this winter looks like swans will come home to roost. If Lehman triggered the 08 heart attack I can only imagine what an assault from all angles will do but it sure looks like a potential total system failure pending.

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