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‘MbS Had No Knowledge’: Saudi Sources Now Claim Crown Prince Was Clueless In Khashoggi Murder

"People familiar with the investigation"...

"People familiar with the investigation"...
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6 comments on “‘MbS Had No Knowledge’: Saudi Sources Now Claim Crown Prince Was Clueless In Khashoggi Murder

  1. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

  2. 40,000 headmen

    So what kind of fist fight results in the disappearance of a body you ask? Good question! Let me see if I can come up with an answer for you. Let’s say that when Khashoggi (K) arrived at the consulate, there just happened to be 15 Saudis attending a sword convention. When K walked in he saw that a few of the men were direct underlings of MbS and this infuriated him. Khashoggi(which translates to “brutal assassin”) then proceeded to attack the sword-possessing men, and in the process was dismembered. You know, sort of like the Black Night in Monty Python’s “Search For The Holy Grail”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!(Jon Lovitz eat your heart out!) You see it was really just a case of self defense. They disposed of the body parts because they thought that no one would believe their story. They were of course correct in thinking that. Nobody could possibly believe that story. Or could they?

  3. Buy the incompetent crown prince dip!

  4. !00 billion er…. well…. maybe 25 billion and we will believe you. Pompeo went all the way to the Middle East and didn’t listen to the “murder tape” yea, right. We must have the most ignorant, dumb-down, and incredibly stupid republican base who will believe anything our “Liar in Chief” shoves down their throats. “Rogue killers” pleeeeeeease. MbS (Much bull Sh*t has played our Prez for the fool he is just ask Kim, Vlad, YI, Netanyahu and any strong-man wanna-be two-bit dictator who wants Trump to kiss his ass.

    This is disgusting on so many levels and still the “Goof in Chief” screams about how terrible reporters are who are just trying to do their jobs. You can make an argument that Trump shares some responsibility for fomenting the baby prince into action.

  5. This is a new one – bring a bone saw to a fist fight……………..

    I am shocked to learn there is gambling at Rick’s!!!

    Many of us were born at night but sadly for MbS not last night.

  6. I am shocked and saddened that leaders of these countries kill people they don’t like. I am so glad that the US doesn’t kill people we don’t like.

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