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Trader Outlines ‘The Most Dangerous Setup’

"Rightly or wrongly, Trump has hitched his wagon to the stock market’s fate."

"Rightly or wrongly, Trump has hitched his wagon to the stock market’s fate."
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2 comments on “Trader Outlines ‘The Most Dangerous Setup’

  1. Delusional Don will cave. He thinks the people are as delusional as he is. All he needs is some out to save face, to say he won (it is all about him and his image). China will truly win and we can move on. The US can’t go back, we are too costly. Even Delusional Don knows it but he needs to convince his base that he won. This blip will pass but structural deficits, peak margins, slowing global growth, productivity issues will bite hard and Delusional Don will need to blame these on asylum seekers, PhDs, Jimmy Carter, the media, lack of climate change, the mob, and all those people because Delusional Don is……… well delusional. He has done more than all the others combined. Sad!!!

  2. random_clown

    OK, yes, very plausible that T administration guys planted the fake china-hack story in a clumsy attempt to gain trade-war advantage. Seems even more plausible that those in the know also shorted SMCI stock before pumping the story. I wonder what happens now after SMCI just yesterday officially officially denied the hack story directly to congress:
    “Super Micro Tells Senators No Evidence of Chinese Hardware Hack”
    October 18, 2018, 6:33 PM EDT

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