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Trump Calls Mueller A ‘National Disgrace’, Accidentally Admits To Obstruction Again

"If you FIGHT BACK or say anything bad about the Rigged Witch Hunt, they scream Obstruction!"

Donald Trump woke up furious on Monday morning, following a weekend during which the New York Times published a series of articles detailing White House Counsel  Don McGahn's "extensive cooperation" with the special counsel probe and Michael Cohen's apparently imminent plea deal with prosecutors who have zeroed in on a $20 million bank fraud. The McGahn news was especially disconcerting for all manner of reasons, not the least of which is that Don's account apparently included detailed descriptions of what went on when Trump fired James Comey. McGahn also told Mueller's team about Trump's frustration with Jeff Sessions, a key element in the obstruction probe. Worst of all, the Times suggests Mueller might not have found out that Trump attempted to fire the special counsel were it not for McGahn's interviews which reportedly totaled some 30 hours. The original article about McGahn was published on Saturday and one of the more amusing takeaways was that Don and his attorney apparently believed Trump was trying to set the White House Counsel up to take the fall for obstruction. McGahn reportedly couldn't understand why Trump and his other attorneys (John Dowd and Ty Cobb, both
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  1. calh0025 says:

    He doth protest too much methinks.

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