Rudy Giuliani Tells CNN, Fox That ‘Collusion With Russians’ Is Not A Crime, Presaging Who Knows What

On Sunday evening, Donald Trump launched into what might very fairly be described as one of the President's most pointed attacks on the Robert Mueller probe to date. Seemingly at wit's end after spending the afternoon in a highly contentious verbal jousting match with the New York Times, the President took his frustration out on the special counsel investigation, which he called “an illegal Scam!” "I turned [Mueller] down to head the FBI (one day before appointment as S.C.) & Comey is

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2 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Tells CNN, Fox That ‘Collusion With Russians’ Is Not A Crime, Presaging Who Knows What

  1. at this point, colluding with the russians–or knowing that maybe some folks in one’s campaign may be feeling out some russian contacts, dont have to be crimes for djt to loose ( to any rational person) a lot of credibility.

    his tactics of demonizing those who disagree, giving his followers an alternate reality and view of history, are exactly the same as all other major and minor dictators today and recent past. as a ceo type he isnt used to winning consensus, but at the same time, bullying the press is a hallmark of those looking to weild outsized power.

  2. ya know, anyone who hears this man talk and actually understands him or believes him or even thinks he knows what he is saying is equally ignorant and desperate to save the psycho’s seat in the oval office. The more this moron talks the deeper the shit-pile. Rudy’s day is coming soon and he will be sent packing…never to be heard or seen again. Hurry up.

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