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Here’s How Much Gas Prices Would Have To Rise To Wipeout The Trump Tax Cuts For Average Americans

Sticker shock.

Sticker shock.
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6 comments on “Here’s How Much Gas Prices Would Have To Rise To Wipeout The Trump Tax Cuts For Average Americans

  1. Error404

    So, simply by refusing to pump more (or in the extreme, choosing to pump less) Russia could soon make itself the world’s swing producer and exert some pretty impressive leverage over the US and its ‘allies’?

    It’s Derrick – rather than Derek – and the Dominos, then. As an aside, ‘Layla’ was inspired by an ancient Persian love story, adapted by Clapton to reference Patti Boyd. Nice touch of irony woven in there. (Apologies to millennials clueless as to what grandpa’s jabbering about. It’s the weekend….you should be trading Bitcoin, not reading blogs.)

  2. Interesting how your post shows just how small the tax cut really was for individuals. It will barely fund a typical family’s cell phone tab for 2 or 3 months. Companies, on the other hand, are going to be able to waste $800bil buying back their stock at sky high multiples so the C-suiters can buy more $15mil houses with the huge raises they will get as their stock artificially rises. That’s America being greater.

  3. Uh, and the transportation industry… ships, planes, and trucks deliver through channels of distribution just about everything there is anyone could conceivably buy.
    They’ll also incur higher fuel costs. But not to worry… the transportation industry will just eat the extra cost of fuel because MAGA.

  4. tambatheman

    @Error404. Layla and Majnun is the inspiration grandpa, and it is arab not persian. Beside’s Clapton, it inspired Romeo and Juliet as well.

  5. Billy Oxygen

    Trump wants to raise the tax on gas in order to fund infrastructure. No?

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