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Chinese Stocks, Yuan Fall As China Says It Will ‘Never Yield To Blackmail’ By American ‘Bully’

"Totally unacceptable"...

"Totally unacceptable"...
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1 comment on “Chinese Stocks, Yuan Fall As China Says It Will ‘Never Yield To Blackmail’ By American ‘Bully’

  1. Our macro is simply a reflection of all the micro constituents. And the most critical aspect of the micro constituency is the human, and the most important aspect of the human, as a driver for the macro, is human behavior (response) and human sentiment.

    Thanks for the post H. Once again, this will be very interesting to watch, as things unwind. This is particularly true given Trump’s “unorthodox” style for bringing out the worst in people’s behavioral response mechanisms. Antagonist is an understatement. It’s going to be especially interesting because now:

    we are dealing with a very specific concise shock event with very precise “knobs” (ie, what goods to be included in the tariffs,and on how much aggregate $$$$). I’m particularly interested in differential equity sector responses to “knob adjustments” as things unwind.
    We are dealing with a different cultural response mechanism (Chinese). Trump’s raw unorthodox provoking style will reveal a lot about differences in cultural response mechanisms.

    3.we are dealing with real life game theory. You’ve touched upon this before, and I always enjoy analyzing how the theory stacks up to the reality.

    Anyone up for a game of poker?!

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