As Trump Draws Up Venezuela Invasion Plans, Let’s Talk About Hyperinflation And 1,000,000 Bolivar Cups Of Coffee

To be sure, trying to discern what Donald Trump might do next on domestic and/or foreign policy is an exercise in abject futility. For instance, reports out Wednesday suggest that at one point last summer, Trump essentially asked aides at an Oval Office meeting if he could invade Venezuela. The original reporting on that was from AP, but multiple outlets have since confirmed it, with one official who spoke to CNN chalking it up to Trump's penchant for saying things that are crazy or otherwise
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9 thoughts on “As Trump Draws Up Venezuela Invasion Plans, Let’s Talk About Hyperinflation And 1,000,000 Bolivar Cups Of Coffee

    1. Nixon: I’d rather use the nuclear bomb. Have you got that ready?
      Kissinger: That, I think, would just be too much.
      Nixon: A nuclear bomb, does that bother you?… I just want you to think big, Henry, for Christ’s sake! The only place where you and I disagree is with regard to the bombing. You’re so goddamned concerned about civilians, and I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.

  1. In 2016, Venezuela was exporting nearly half of its crude oil to the US, the rest to China and India equally. Those exports to the US have only dropped by about 20% as of April 2018. So I think disingenuous to say that the US is not making an effort to see the Venezuelan people overcome their situation and that Trump’s queries for military intervention are diabolical from the outset.

    If 20th century history is any indication, Venezuela’s troubles are very much worthy of concern for the Western hemisphere, and open, uncensored discussions at high levels are deserved. The Venezuelan people’s suffering deserve more respect and action than only calls for political correctness, more jabs at populists, and more shorts.

    1. You should take some time and read the history of our exploits in Latin America. Even when you look at Honduras and El Salvador you can see the remnants of our meddling.

      1. Hyperinflation is the kind of environment that compels fathers to prostitute their own daughters for barely enough food to make it to the next john. How are your reading requirements for my having an opinion and desire to see Venezuela recover impacting that?

        1. @Johnny, Puerto Rico is an American territory, and Trump’s administration completely bungled any sort of recovery the island could have had. There was no war that preceded the needed recovery in this case.

          It’s formidable that you care about the Venezuelan civilians and their well being, but do you really believe Venezuela would be handled better than Puerto Rico was?

          Do you think that the kind of civil war an invasion would create wouldn’t have civilian casualties? It’s not like you have to dig deep into the history books to see these costs; after all, Syria is still ongoing. How many innocent lives were lost (and continue to be lost) in Syria’s civil war?

          If you believe the US should invade Venezuela to save the civilians, then do you believe the US should invade Syria as well? What about other impoverished countries that don’t make the news because they don’t sit on massive oil reserves? Should the US invade South Africa because the country ran out of water?

          Have you ever thought about any of this, or was the prospect of a dad pimping his daughter all you ever cared about?

          1. Yeah, it really does come down to the daughter and father for me. Thanks for asking.

            NYT has just amped up concern for the purity of the Bomba tradition in Puerto Rico today. That is NOT an equivalent crisis. And even remotely suggesting the resurrection of an Arab Spring in Syria is preposterous so long as al-Assad can continue slaughtering protesters and political rivals outright with multilateral support (e.g., Iran, Russia). Our options there are limited as are our options are right now with Venezuela. Hence, only talking and leaking talk.

            That Venezuela has oil, and that we have been purchasing significantly more of it than any other nation in the world is ABSOLUTELY relevant…not only for us, but for Venezuela also. That can’t be separated from the situation with any shred of intellectual honesty, nor with any practical plan to address Venezuela’s crisis.

            I support US military occupation of Venezuela, upon agreement from our Latin American allies, to impose order and reconstruction if necessary. My opinion is that the situation’s bad enough to justify offering it, and it’s only gonna get worse as the days roll on. You know, trade war and all, ese.

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