Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire: Full Week Ahead Preview

Trade war canceled, Trump demands DoJ investigate itself, Italy goes to the populists and Venezuela has an “election”.


‘We Highly Recommend Not Riding This One Out’: As Oil Passes $80, Goldman Reiterates Commodities Case

“And this current rally likely has room to run, particularly from a returns perspective, as the current fundamental backdrop for oil is now more bullish than we had expected as strong demand now faces supply disappointments.”

Venezuela Launches Cryptocurrency ‘The Petro’ – Here Is The Manual

“Petro (PTR) has its origin in the idea of president Hugo Chavez”…

Meanwhile, In Venezuela: The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee Is Rising At An Annualized 448,025%

Listen, things are going great in Venezuela, ok?

A $20 Trillion Oops Moment

“We forgot to correct for the hyper-inflation.”

Venezuela To Launch Cryptocurrency Called ‘The Petro’, Maduro Declares

“We are joining the twenty-first century.”