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Maduro Faces Endgame In Venezuela

It's almost over.

It's almost over.
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8 comments on “Maduro Faces Endgame In Venezuela

  1. Good on the Bank of England for not releasing the Venezuela people’s gold in BoE vaults while the Maduro kleptocracy remains clinging onto illegitimate political power.

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    The current Venezuelan regime may be obnoxious, but it is still more popular than than any opposition backed by Trump, John Bolton, Miami ex-pats, and Jair Bolsanaro. If the regional powers actually care about preventing a civil war, the only way forward is to allow Mexico and Uruguay to negotiate some amendment to the Constitution that would allow a free and fair election soon that the government and opposition parties promise to recognize and abide by. Whoever wins, if they are in accord to the terms of the negotiations, the new administration should have full sanctions relief, humanitarian aid, BoE-held gold, and access to CapEx funds whether their oil sector is privatized or not.

  3. Maduro is yet another communist scumbag who has worked to reduce a country to poverty and ruin and deserves to have the US and other nations work to bring an end to his rule. However, it’s not reassuring that we have a batshit-crazy psychopath like John Bolton charged with the job.

  4. CIA at work here…Too bad that we don’t do everything as well in the rest of this country as they do what they do.

  5. Free Capital, you are right about Maduro, he deserves to be removed. But imho the worst way to accomplish that would be an US-led regime change. Chances of that NOT ending up in a total clusterfuck are zero. Your characterization of Mr. Bolton is spot-on.

  6. trump sees this opportunity to send military to Venz as the best distraction from his current problems with Mueller investigation; upcoming testimony by Cohen; arrest of Roger Stone; his man-made crisis at the Mexico border; Pelosi blocking his wall; and the looming 2020 election.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with helping the people of Venz!

  7. of course not. Ever since when has he shown any interest of helping people?
    Also interesting that after „bringing the tropps home“ from Syria it is now OK to send them to Venz

    • Every time he opens his sewage hole more of his crap rolls out — his huge campaign promise was to end all the wars that U.S. had been involved in for years and years, bring all the military home, finally. His presence on earth is 100% phony – it’s all an act and he gets to be the star – he is seriously disturbed to the degree of dangerous.

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