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HR McMaster: Trump Is An ‘Idiot’ With The ‘Intelligence Of A Kindergartner’

"...administration officials threatened to retaliate against several figures with knowledge of the July dinner if they spoke to BuzzFeed News."

"...administration officials threatened to retaliate against several figures with knowledge of the July dinner if they spoke to BuzzFeed News."
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23 comments on “HR McMaster: Trump Is An ‘Idiot’ With The ‘Intelligence Of A Kindergartner’

  1. Depraved and stupid guy….priceless. Is that the English translation of a Korean phrase? Well, to say the least, that’s a pretty devastating combo. We’ve certainly had Presidents with low level proclivities and shortcomings. Lyndon Johnson was a vindictive drunk..John Kennedy would screw just about any woman that moved and a few who didn’t….and, well, good old Bill Clinton…. who really wins the Prize for wife trashing and sanctimonious BS. Donald may yet make the Hall of Fame for something yet.

    • yep, trump will be holding a shiny gold statue the size of his teeny penis and will be the Prize for Bigly Liar.

    • Hahahahahaha!!

      To “the Hall of Fame for something yet:”

      How about the, the first president of the United States

      (1) elected to the office with the direct intervention of the US’ #1 enemy, at the request of the candidate AND who

      (2) expressly supports a pedafile and sex predator of minor children in his election bid to a US Senate seat.

      Obviously, Trump makes Lyndon, JFK, Bill, and even Dicky look like pikers!!

      They’ll have to build a Trump Hall of Fame to just to house all of his one of kind

  2. There’s no point in quibbling about the PRIVATE peccadillos of JFK, Lyndon and Bill, but one thing is for sure, they did not, as Trump has since he involved himself in presidential politics, whereby he has PUBLICLY carried on by not giving a damn about the health, welfare and safety of Americans, but instead PUBLICLY proving himself to be a narcissistic, self-centered, monsterous, pathological lying, ignorant, fucking moronic, treasonous, Putin or communist loving and ass-kissing, sexual predator, having no respect for a single soul except dictators and criminals, and calling in to question American values and standing world-wide. Not to mention PUBLICLY acting criminally and confessing to same.

    Not even the criminal Richard Nixon publicly acted with such open and clear depravity, and none of the aforesaid were mentally ill either.

    • So, are you saying you believe that McMaster probably noticed that too?

      rah rah, Marty!! 🙂

    • Marty, you should add this to your parade Trump is Trash. The funny part of this one is that he cannot close it right now because it is under investigation, again or still??


      • Added, Murphy, and while we’re at it, we’ll add Trump’s PUBLIC behavior of supporting “the fine,” Anti-American neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and KIKI tiki-carrying marchers in Charlottesville, his out and out racism; his dog-whistling anti-Semitism; his anti-everything that’s “Not-the-Right-Kind-of-White”™; his misogyny, anti-immigrant fervor (unless they work at Lago-Mar), outrageous speech to the Boy Scouts, and his “exceptional” silence in the face of the overwhelming evidence that Roy Moore is a sexual predator which is equivalent to placing his imprimatur squarely in support of Roy Moore’s election.


        As to Moore. When people watch his supporters on cable news state that there is no “evidence” and therefore “proof,” that he comitted these cirmes, and the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, etc., just sit there and ignore these comments, that’s an example of pure ignorance. The eye witness accounts – the women’s statements – given by these victims’ constitutes “direct evidence.” There is no more powerful testimonial evidence that can be given in a court of law. In this context, in the court of public opinion, where we evaluate the qualifications of a political candidate, these statements constitutes “evidence,” and therefore “proof,” as well. Why? These women have gotten on TV and have spoken their truth. They are not anonymous sources hiding behind a reporter’s privilege. Also, taken together the victims’ statements constitutes “pattern evidence,” that is (1) evidence thst in the 80’s numerous young girls in the same inappropriate age range were apprpached by him which internally corroborates the evidence given by each (2) trolled young girls at the mall; (3) trolled his own wife at a dance recital when she was 14 years old and married her 10 years later. Let’s all recall the damning statement he gave Sean Hannity!! It essentially was a confession about his dating under-age girls.

        One might ask can the testimony of a single eyewitness be used in a criminal case as “proof,” of a crime, as in the pedafile case? The answer is yes, and it happens every day in every court in this country. It can happen in a 30-year-old murder case, rape case or any case. Single person eyewitness testimony has been used to send people to death row and their maker. The idea that the statements of these women as to Moore’s criminal conduct, or that of the women who accused Trump as to his criminal conduct, is not evidence and therefore proof, is absolutely 100% bullshit.

  3. Also, anyone who cannot or does not recognize that Trump’s behavior and intellectual capacity fits every one of the categories outlined above needs to spend more time with “real facts” not “fake facts” and stop watching Fox News and or reading Breitbart. There’s simply no Facts in Fox News and nothing Bright about Breitbart. Those two snake pits are pitstops for those desirous of filling up their tank with delusion.

    It’s been proven and the real polls show that 3 out of 10 Americans prefer Trump’s factless America.
    The same exact factless America Trump lives in.

  4. …and Trump will replace Dubya as the absolute worst president in American history. He makes Bush look like a friggin’ genius.

    • Sorry, Dan, On January 20, 2017, Trump replaced Dubya as the absolute worst president in American history. He definetely makes Bush look like a friggin’ savant genius!!

  5. “I moved on her like a bitch,” which will go down (pun intended) as the all time husband quote on tape that your wife must hear over and over as you say things that keep throwing it right in her face. No wonder she won’t let the “Pussy Grabber in Chief” touch her in public. Idiot, well…..yea….fu*king moron…well….yea!

    • Hey Curt, I kinda think she is a bit untouchable out of the public eye. She has a look on her face that says she hates him. But she has put in this much time, has a child that needs his money in lieu of earning a large income like his daddy – she has not even visited her home town in years and I believe she moved both her parents here a long while ago also.

      That conversation recorded on the bus shows everyone who he really is, what kind of man he is. I bet they had some words about that! Just hard to believe that he is the leader of the free world, ya know? Disgusting. And now that pedophile in Alabama wants his own seat in D.C. And it may be those fools in AL will let him!!? Is that possible. Please say no.

  6. Are Heisenberg, Murphy and Marty all the same person? Just asking.

    • hahaha! that is such an insult to H. I am the least smartest, for damned sure! I suspect I may be the shortest one too. Oh, and I have a Texas accent 🙂

      • Murphy, meant no insult to neither H nor you. Heisenberg’s output on the Markets and Mega financial issues really thought provoking and I would say at times brilliant. Politics – not so much. Maybe a little credit when credit due? I spent some time at Fort Walters back in the 60’s. Loved Texas and the people!

        • Ed – I was not insulted, it was a good laugh. Mineral Wells area – that would be Fort Wolters, not Walters. So now we have deciphered that you actually believe there is some kind of credit due to trump? Thanks – another good laugh! Pull your head out of _______ (insert your choice – sand, galaxy, ass, oven…?) Turn off Fox and open your mind. I would have to disagree with you and state that H is equally brilliant on his politics.

          The fact that trump admitted to sexual assault, even bragging about more than one case of sexual perversion AND has admitted to criminal activities (do some research!) and you continue to think he is OK and due some kind of credit?

          Oh my goodness, Bless your heart!

          • Murphy,
            So maybe it’s Bunny and Anonymous that are H’s alter egos. And back in the mid 60’s it was Denton and TWU that got our attention. After 20 years as a Democrat and 25+ years as a Republican your comment has allowed me to pull my head out of my ___. I see the errors of my ways! I once was blind but now I see. An epithany has occurred. Pres. Trump is a Cad. Yet —– I can’t get past the good that he has done, the Executive orders we in middle America agree with. So, I have somewhat changed my perspective – must be “Cognitive Dissonance”

          • Did someone say they are from middle America, where the population shares the views of Trump? Middle America, the place of conservative values, often called “family values”? Now known as conservative values to include sexual predators, pedafiles, men who “grab them by the pussy,”* walk in on naked teenagers in beauty pageants, cheating on wives, marital rape, rascist, adultry, lying, bearing false witness, not paying debts that are justly due, cheating and deceiving in conducting business**.




            Trump cannot go a day without violating the Ten Commandments. He probably never read them!! Think about it!!

            I am the Lord your God, You shall have no other gods before me.
            Trump thinks he’s god.

            Thou shalt not make unto thee graven images.
            Trump thinks he’s god.

            You shall not use the Lord your God’s Name in vain.
            Trump uses the name Trump in vain.

            Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.

            Honour your father and mother.
            He Honours no one and that’s why his father sent him to military school at age 13.

            You shall not murder.
            We’ll get back to that..

            You shall not commit adultery.
            Are you shitting me?

            You shall not steal.
            He’s a black belt in stealing.

            You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.
            He bears false witness against everybody.

            You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbour.
            He envies everyone.

          • This reply is actually addressed to Anonymous/ed

            I don’t know a Bunny poster and there are apparently too many of you that prefer Anonymous – but you added the “ed” to set you apart – good! So, just a couple of things…Executive orders, this link takes you right to them to make this easy for you to do. Find the ones you think are good for you. I actually refer to these things as his photo opps when he gets applause for signing his name. So, which ones?

            I also am very familiar with his Proclamations, more like a list of his favorite jokes. There were many of them that made me laugh! One in particular should be remembered these past few weeks! The Month of April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, proclaimed and signed by the sexual assaulter himself! That was really funny. Some others that are funny since he proclaimed and signed them too: POW Recognition, Gold Star Family Day, Disability Awareness, Domestic Violence, one of my favs 10/13 was National Character Counts Day! There are just too many that make me laugh!

            The word Cad is great! So old fashioned, quaint. However, I don’t think it is strong enough to define trump’s behavior.

  7. Hey ALL Ya’LL — if you have not read Marty’s comments from the top of this blog page to here – go back and read each one – great list of truths. Ok, I’ll wait for you to do that…….. BIG STORY to tell you……

    Now, for Marty and ya’ll, there is this big controversy going on in Houston because a woman had the fed-up guts to put a sticker on her truck and it was seen in traffic every day. Then some trumturd complained and the ‘law’ got involved, Sheriff Troy Nehls, Fort Bend County, (who made it personal and drew so much more attention than just the people in traffic) who posted it on his facebook page. Nothing they can do at this point.

    One thing led to another, and as of a couple days ago, she added another sticker to her truck! omg! And now because this dust up has not settled, she has had bumper stickers made due to so many requests from people stopping her in traffic asking her where she got it, she is now having them printed and selling them and they cannot keep up with the backlog of orders!

    First link tells you how/why this all happened, must see to appreciate her attitude!! There is a short print story beneath that little news video. The second link news reel brings you current thru today.



    • That’s hilarious, and i’m sure only 3 out of 10 Americans would like to take that bumper sticker literally and seriously. Wait, wait, or Is it the percentage of the female population making up the “3” out of the 10 Americans who would like to take that literally and seriously? Or … next case.

  8. Tillerson et al will need to be given the highest civilian honours for service to the country under cruel and unusually trying conditions.

  9. Mark Hanna

    The crowning irony will be when they throw Franken out of the Senate while welcoming Moore with open arms. This would signal the total attainment of the Republican’s goal of a “thousand year Reich”.

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