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Of populism, hegemony and Western democracy.

Of populism, hegemony and Western democracy.
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5 comments on “Sunset.

  1. “As the world turns” a new soap opera on the new world order network centers around many lies by our deceitful main characters (China, Russia,Japan and star of the show the USA, plus many minor character) Central Bankers using their army of enforcers IMF, WB and the BIS to deliver a final ‘coup-d-gras’ to all of us for the benefit of their new world order.

    No, folks you are not in the club either. All of the rest of us are the pee-ons (pun intended) are responsible for this gigantic debt bomb exploding “on our behalf” all over the world so very rich and powerful people can become even more so.

    We (pee-ons) are on the hook for all of this wonderful malfeasance done on our behalf. Thanks you so much Mr. Greenspan, Mr. Bernanke,Mr Draghi, Mr. Kuroda, Mr. Yang Chin-long, MS.Yellen and the new star of the show MR. Jerome MAGA-nificent Powell for their never-ending support and persistence for truth, justice and the American way. Steal everything you can for as long as you can for our new world order.

    Tired of winning yet?

    The funny part is that our big orange clown thinks he is in the club…..sorry donnie you aren’t and will NEVER be.

    Rome is burning and our new world order is laughing all the way to their banks.

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