Jack Ma: ‘Insufficient Globalization Is The Cause Of The World’s Problems’

“Automation will replace human workers.”


Criminalization Of The Globe And Globalization Of Crime

“As a form of collateral/insurance creditors have been or will be granted access to domestic policy and guaranteed influence over decision making institutions in general. In this way, global oligarchy becomes a stake holder in the US government. This is where things become complicated further and problems deeper.”

Reality Check: Rolling Back Globalization Is A Really Stupid Idea

“But rolling back globalisation would be as foolhardy as rolling back technological change.”

Deutsche Bank’s Kocic Delivers Stark Warning: Beware Populist “Buyer’s Remorse”

“The initial embrace of populism has gained traction based largely on a belief that political disruption, as a mode of change, deserves the same status that creative destruction used to have in the post industrial era with resulting political entropy becoming one of the main sources of market volatility.”

It’s Quiet Out There: G-20 Leaves Markets Feeling “Damp And Grey”

It feels quiet out there. Maybe a little too quiet. There’s plenty of G-20 banter about the US/Trump having “won” at the weekend gathering in Germany. In this context, “winning” means successfully getting the “resist all forms of protectionism” language removed from the communique. Remember, in Trump/Navarro make-believe land, free trade is a bad thing, so telling everyone…

This “Elephant” Chart Proves It’s Good That ‘Joe’ Lost His Job

Earlier, I explained why ‘Joe’ losing his job was a good thing. I won’t recap the utilitarian rant here as you can simply read it and the accompanying commentary from FT’s Rana Foroohar for yourself, but I do want to draw your attention to a visual that illustrates precisely what I was trying to convey.  Have a…

Joe Lost His Job! Good.

“Mr Trump’s anti-globalisation posturing may be, as Mr Moore has put it, “sweet music” to the ears of the white working class. But it won’t bring back Flint, or Frankfort.”

2/3 Of The World Is Pissed At Their Government

“Is the country you live in on the right track? If your answer is no, then you’re in good company. Nearly two thirds of people around the world believe their country is heading in the wrong direction.”

Goldman: Trump Threatens Europe With Strongman “Bilateral World Order”

So you know, the percentage of the European population that’s still sane (and that’s an ever dwindling number apparently) would have really appreciated it if Trump would have just been satisfied with the damage he’s already done rather than piling it on by dispatching Peter Navarro to weigh in on the legitimacy of the common currency.

You Are Being Politically Exploited

“While globalisation is by no means the only factor behind the increase in inequality, it is easy to exploit politically”…

China Clowns America; Says Trump Will “Set Fire” To His Own House, Rest Of World

“Undoubtedly, the Trump administration will be igniting many ‘fires’ on its front door and around the world. Let’s wait and see when it will be China’s turn.”