You Are Being Politically Exploited

You Are Being Politically Exploited

On Saturday morning, I penned a piece called "'They're Stealing Our Jobs!': Populism And False Prophets." In it, I decried the fact that populist politicians are playing on the fears and misfortune of voters who feel as though the world has left them behind. Those voters have a reason to be disheartened. The world has left many of them behind. But the way to help them isn't to perpetuate the notion that globalization is somehow reversible (it's not). Or to suggest that multiculturalism and p
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One thought on “You Are Being Politically Exploited

  1. How true.It’s a catch 22 for millions of unprepared workers and retirees. Globalization and politics has in many ways used these same people as pawns, right or wrong. There are some/many countries sitting in the sweet spot for someone good or bad to grab this bull by the horns. We better be careful because it feels like something is on the verge of happening. Maybe Good or maybe Bad.

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