Joe Lost His Job! Good.

Joe Lost His Job! Good.

Oh, good. Someone actually gets it. I've been keen on delivering what amounts to a utilitarian defense of globalization in these pages and to my mind, it's virtually unassailable. Equally unassailable is the contention that globalization isn't reversible. Neither is progressivism or the push towards multiculturalism. Everyone understands utilitarian arguments on the micro level. Let me give you an example. Let's say someone robs a bank (like old John Mogan). Unfortunately, one teller and one
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6 thoughts on “Joe Lost His Job! Good.

  1. Ok as long as you are gonna take the bullet works for me, and also that the working class citizenry are no longer the lenders of last resort for the central banks and governments and wallstreet, no more propping/manipulating markets. Live by sword, die by the sword

    1. “and also that the working class citizenry are no longer the lenders of last resort for wallstreet”…… oh, you mean like as long as someone doesn’t do something stupid like repeal Dodd-Frank?

  2. Actually no, as you are well aware of reforming Dod Frank was only just a formality. Wall Street and the banks were already breaking the rules.
    If those folks want to play fast and loose with their own money or with their investors money fine.
    Society’s and civilizations are built on promises made by people to each other, it’s referred to as a social contract wether made by ordinary individuals or politicians.
    And as for the individual that lost his cushy manufacturing job with all those benefits, at the time that he graduated from high school there was a social contract made that said if you put you nose to the grind stone for a period of time you would be able to retire comfortably.

    I know, I know he was gulable and should not have believed

  3. Globalization is good thing in so much as individuals are free to conduct commerce globally. Restrictions on those individuals should be minimal, if extant at all.

    Globalization and nationalism are not mutually exclusive however. The friction only occurs when that nationalism is really a just a cover for economic collectivism (protectionism) which employs the same utilitarian logic expressed here.

    As prescient as some conclusions of John Stuart Mill are, his fatal conceit is the focus on the collective that eschews the sovereignty of the individual in the first place.

    Further, nationalism and liberal democracy are not mutually exclusive either.

    These things do not mean what I think you think they mean, to butcher a funny Princess Bride quote.

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