Trump Holds Court With Moon, Says Obama Was Spying On Him, Brags About Xi’s Poker Skills, Promises To Make Kim Jong-Un Rich

I don’t know, you guys. I still question whether America is in good hands when it comes to foreign policy.

Maybe it’s just me, but the following instant classic snapshot from Tuesday’s Trump-Moon summit doesn’t inspire much confidence:


You can dream up your own captions there, but suffice to say Moon looks highly skeptical and the distant, forlorn gaze on the face of the guy sitting in the background is befitting of a man who seems to have either resigned himself to the fact that he lives in what we’ve variously described in these pages as “The Austin Powers World” or else thinks something bad is going to happen in the very near future.

Here’s the same guy, looking more than a little alarmed at Trump who is trying (and failing) to make a point to someone else in the room about something:


The soundbites from the Oval Office pow wow shown above could easily be mistaken for an SNL cold open.

For instance, here he is talking about “spies in my campaign”:


And here he is explaining that Xi is “a world class poker player” and also that he (Trump) is “probably maybe” doing something similar:


Here he is promising that Kim is going to be “safe, happy and very rich”:

And finally, here’s Trump explaining that, as important as this proposed meeting with Kim most assuredly is, at the end of the day it’s really a kind of “if it happens it happens, and if doesn’t, fuck it, we’ll do it later” type of deal:


Again, I’m not sure this inspires much confidence.



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4 thoughts on “Trump Holds Court With Moon, Says Obama Was Spying On Him, Brags About Xi’s Poker Skills, Promises To Make Kim Jong-Un Rich

  1. Such an insightful and prolific response to a few questions – really explains his thoughts perfectly, don’t ya think? Maybe he used only 10 or 12 of his best words, over and over and over again.

    The man in the background is taking notes on what is being said; he writes only a few words and trump just goes on and on with his word salad. The guy in back is thinking “what a buffoon”.

  2. My guess is that Kim is already rich, certainly not starving. And “spies” in his campaign? Oh my, but most people would refer to them as undercover agents. The man-child hasn’t a clue.

  3. I think this guy Murphy sits around all day just hoping H says something about the president. Needs a dog or something!

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