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This Hasn’t Happened Since 2009: Ruble, Crude Edition

Tough week for Russia.

Tough week for Russia.
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4 comments on “This Hasn’t Happened Since 2009: Ruble, Crude Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    One should never get in bed with Trump. Ask anybody…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grinding Putin into the dust bin of history is not a bad thing, regardless of who does it.

  3. Jeff Bell says:

    Trump will dump $100 million worth of cruise missiles on a Syrian airfield, and Syrian government aircraft will be flying in and out of there 24 hours later. Remember last time? Trump is almost as whimpy as Obama was when it comes to red lines.

  4. PaulMiller says:

    Air strikes against Assad will ultimately just prolong the civil war, and cause more death and destruction. What’s another year of fighting, and 100,000 casualties, to simply insure that chlorine gas is not used for about 100 of them?

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