David Stockman: The 200-DMA Ain’t No Maginot Line

David Stockman: The 200-DMA Ain’t No Maginot Line

By David Stockman as originally published on Contra Corner and reprinted here with permission For the last five years the S&P 500 has been dancing up its ascending 200-day moving average (200-DMA), bouncing higher repeatedly whenever the dip-buyers did their thing. Only twice did the index actually break below this seeming Maginot Line: In August 2015, after the China stock crash, and in February 2016, when the shale patch/energy sector hit the wall. As is evident below, since the fre
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2 thoughts on “David Stockman: The 200-DMA Ain’t No Maginot Line

  1. Watching the video, I was thinking, “Boy, he’s playing nice on Fox, what a shill.” And then he let loose. I’m beginning to like this guy.

  2. Going by the recalls of personnel from the overseas DEA offices, ITG and Phillip Morris are just about ready to roll out the weed side of the drug problem. Then see the solution to the deficit start rolling in to the Fed’s QT problems.
    Of course there will be a completion in the dumbing down of the population, and the Oligarchy gets it’s cheap yet docile “assets”.
    Dave S. is right on all counts. Unfortunately, the locals don’t have any revenue either.

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