Two More Top Lawyers Turn Down Trump On Mueller Probe Offer

Two More Top Lawyers Turn Down Trump On Mueller Probe Offer

Listen, all the top lawyers in America want to represent Donald Trump, ok? That should be obvious. Because everyone knows that the best kind of client is one who won't listen to a thing you say, who habitually implicates himself on Twitter in the crimes he's ostensibly being investigated for, and who you can't really argue with because despite being a moron, he's the most powerful man on the face of the planet. Additionally, every lawyer wants to take cases that are losers and that will pit th
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4 thoughts on “Two More Top Lawyers Turn Down Trump On Mueller Probe Offer

  1. Highly skilled and ethical lawyers, let alone good lawyers,
    shy away from clients tending to possess just several of these

    1. A client who thinks he is a lawyer and who insists on telling the lawyer what to do.

    2. A client who is uncontrollable, addresses the public about the merits,
    and speaks to countless non-lawyers about the case making them witnesses.

    3. A client who has severe mental and psychological disorders who
    will not take advice and interferes with the proper handling of the case.

    4. A client who is a pathological liar and has great difficulty with thinking
    past the present moment.

    5. A client known as a “screamer,” who cannot be trusted, has no manners,
    no ethics, plays games, has a sadistic streak, and toys with the people.

    6. A client who tampers with witnesses, attacks the investigators
    and prosecutors, and seeks to obstruct the investigation against him.

    7. A client that takes strategic and legal advice from others sources,
    to include TV talking heads, without advising the lawyer.

    Prior to 2017, it would be hard to “imagine” a client that possesses all of these
    constituent factors and then Trump came along.
    He appears to be all of the above and more.

    Will there a law firm or lawyers that will take the lead for Trump?
    Sure. This is America. You can find a lawyer to take a shot even
    under these conditions. Will it be amongst the highly skilled and
    ethical lawyers? Is that rhetorical?

  2. Since trump can’t get the best lawyers, he will be taken down for sure by the special prosecutor.

    His presidency is finished.

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