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Trump: ‘Many’ Lawyers Want To Represent Me In Russia Case Because They Want ‘Fame & Fortune”

Stable genius" time.

On Friday morning, Politico reported that top White House lawyer Don McGahn will likely resign by the end of the year. That news came less than 24 hours after John Dowd (the lead on the Mueller probe) resigned.

Both McGahn and Dowd have found themselves wrapped up in a situation they seemingly no longer want any part of.

In Dowd’s case, he was forced to figuratively fall on his sword after Trump effectively tweeted out an admission to obstructing justice in December. Then, earlier this month, Dowd found himself back in the media spotlight after saying he “prayed” Rod Rosenstein would shut down the Mueller probe, a comment which (of course) prompted Trump to tweet something similar and between the two of them, they managed to kick off a media firestorm that drew unwanted attention to what was quickly cast as the first public effort by Trump and his attorneys to actively undermine the probe.


As for McGahn, he threatened to quit last year when Trump tried to have Mueller fired and in addition to that, has found himself entangled in the probe for all manner of reasons, not the least of which was his effort to prevent Jeff Sessions from recusing himself and playing a role in the firing of James Comey.

According to WaPo (and also according to common sense) no one wants to represent Trump in the Mueller investigation. Recall this from late last week:

Some law firms have signaled that they do not want the controversy of representing a divisive and unpopular president, while others have told Trump advisers they have clients with conflicting interests, according to several lawyers and three of the president’s advisers. Several prominent white-collar lawyers also have declined requests to sign on with the president in recent weeks, including former solicitor general Theodore B. Olson.

The difficulties in finding representation come as the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III intensifies its focus on Trump’s actions. John Dowd, the president’s chief lawyer in handling the Mueller probe since last year, quit Thursday morning after several strategy disputes with the president, who ultimately lost confidence in the veteran lawyer, three Trump aides said.

Well guess who wants you to think that’s not true? Donald Trump, that’s who. Here’s what he decided to tweet out on Sunday morning:


Let’s just work through that. “Many” lawyers and law firms want to represent Trump in the Russia probe because no one would ever turn down “fame & fortune”. I guess when he says “NEVER” he’s not including John Dowd.

But as absurd as that is (because there are most assuredly lawyers who want nothing to do with this no matter how much “fame and fortune” it might bring them), it gets even sillier still when Trump tries to explain what the “problem” is. See the “problem” is that it would take a new law firm “months to get up to speed” and that’s because they’d be trying to rip the country off by deliberately taking forever in order to “bill more.” So Trump, because he doesn’t want to rip the country off, is going to stick with the team he’s got.

So this is all about saving the country money. That’s something Trump is really concerned about. That’s why he bills taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollar for the golf carts the Secret Service rents at his resorts.

Hey Joseph diGenova: you regretting this yet?



6 comments on “Trump: ‘Many’ Lawyers Want To Represent Me In Russia Case Because They Want ‘Fame & Fortune”

  1. I have little doubt there are “law firms” across the country
    that would love to represent Trump.

    Perhaps this top gun:
    or this crafty fellow,
    or this replacement for Joe and Victoria:

    Now, as to the “top firms,” requirement, I’m no expert in this arena, but
    I’m thinking this firm will cover all his future needs:

    • excellent recommendations, Marty! That seedy looking dude that handles all the dui’s may not be a good fit but he probably knows someone to recommend! The couple (married? brother/sister?) described as Bull Dogs in the courtroom — assface will really like them! He goes for that tough guy game! BUT the last one is the most perfect of all. Might be a little suspicious in his current legal problem but most certainly a name he needs to keep on file! Still laughing!! 🙂

  2. Yeah, except Trump’s reelection campaign is paying the legal bills, not the taxpayers. And if it is unfair to our country to hire a new lawyer then why did Trump just hire a new lawyer? And diGenova will not regret being part of Trump’s defense team. It just increased his media hack star power by several magnitudes.

  3. Anonymous

    “conflicts” is the new spend more time with the family

    “President Trump will not be hiring the Washington lawyer Joseph diGenova due to “conflicts,” the Associated Press reported.”

    • The “conflicts” referred to are the conflicting multiple conspiratorial voices Joe hears in his head informing him of the conspiracies of the day and which all too often cause Joe to miss work. Trump needs his lawyers 24/7 and absences just won’t do.

  4. Tom Swift

    Those tweets are just some plain weak-ass shit.
    Daddy and Military School just couldn’t beat some backbone in this boy.

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