Local GOP Moron Christina Hagan Tries (And Fails) To Pass Off Video Of Morocco As Mexico

Christ on a bike.

Christ on a bike.
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8 comments on “Local GOP Moron Christina Hagan Tries (And Fails) To Pass Off Video Of Morocco As Mexico

  1. Anonymous

    Canadians are delivering the same message but in a softer, nicer way:

  2. “Local GOP Moron”

    Is there any other type?

    • Anonymous

      Sure. There are liberal morons, independent morons, apolitical morons and many more sub-types.

  3. to be clear, this kind of shit (i.e. the video in this post) is what’s giving the GOP such a bad name.

    i mean sure, there are going to be people who hate Republicans regardless, but this kind of blatant race-baiting, lying, and backing Trump’s poisonous brand of populism (which, by the way, multiple Republican stalwarts have decried as batshit crazy and insanely dangerous) is going to kill the party.

    this has moved well beyond debates about supply-side econ, and Christian values versus more liberal values, etc.

    this is starting to be about crazy/stupid/racist versus everyone else. Republicans shouldn’t keep allowing this to happen because I know a lot of Republicans (politicians included) who think it’s ridiculous. those people need to stand up and say: “this is not our party. this is something else. this is not who Republicans are.”

    • The problem is while many republicans might disagree, they don’t really give a shit as long as they have the votes. This will undoubtedly lead to some sort of crisis within the GOP

    • Actually I think that is the border between Morocco & Ceuta. People going from Morocco to Ceuta.

      Ceuta is an enclave of Spain that is in Africa. Yeah.. these things still exist!

      BTW, I’m not a smart ass, I just have travelled to Morocco a few times & saw that video before.

  4. Tom Swift

    I don’t know who said it first but, “I didn’t leave the Reps, they left me.”
    I planted yard signs for Nixon, and all the Rep candidates until 2000.
    Last go around I voted for Jill.
    I like Chile, even though I can’t vote there since I’m a resident alien.
    They have 5 viable political parties, which makes it more fun yet less acrimonious.

  5. But… but… I thought it was the 60lb bags of cocaine flying over the wall that we’re supposed to be afraid of!! I guess Mr T thinks cocaine normally comes in Costco bulk size since that’s how big the bags are they drop off at HIS home.

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