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Global Markets React To Gary Cohn News

Ignoring this would be "a mistake".

Ignoring this would be "a mistake".
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16 comments on “Global Markets React To Gary Cohn News

  1. Big Stevie

    Great points as always. Trump may indeed be prepared to forsake the stock market rally, for a few reasons.

    If he has even a room-temperature IQ, he knows that (a) it’s not sustainable for much longer, regardless of what the plunge protection boys do and (b) the statists will find a way to torpedo it anyway, to have another thing to blame him for.

    So the smart thing for The Donald to do (unfortunately) might be to pop the bubble himself and get out in front of the story with his own narrative.

    I know, it’s sick. But this is beltway politics we’re talking about…

    • Tom Swift

      I’ve been saying it for a year, “Trump’s purpose is to be the next Hoover.”

  2. The dollar is now decisively in the red for the day, again, which is remarkable considering EUR/USD was already up ~300 pips in just the last 3 trading days. And JPY continues to crush the US even way more.

    • Asian and European equity markets are in the RED too, as are US stock futures.

    • Dollar remains dead on its back despite miserable string of big losses, but European stocks turned on a dime with the rumor that European Union and Asian TPP trade reps will meet to strengthen and possibly integrate trade ties. If so, then wow the US is economically isolated and probably screwed!

  3. “Trade wars are good and winnable” will ultimately prove to be even more misguided than “the Iraq war will pay for itself” mantra of the last Republican administration.

  4. Mr. Destructo.

    If one pulls the camera back at looks at every single large policy move or government action that Trump has taken or engaged in, you’ll find one common thematic: destruction.

    Whether it’s to clean air, clean water, clean waterways, economy, education, housing, trade, health insurance, health care, Medicaid, Medicare, diplomacy, law enforcement, judiciary, American values, America’s credibility, American democracy, efforts to reckon with climate change, civil rights, voting rights, constitutional rights, and the list goes on and on. Sure, you might point to tax cuts for the wealthy in the micro sense, but it’s been established beyond question, that in the macro sense the tax cut is wholly unnecessary and in the long run if not the short run, definitely destructive in a variety of ways.

    If Donald Trump were not the President, but was sitting in his gilded cage in his Tower, and espoused every single policy and position towards Putin and the Russians that he does as President, the great normal majority of the American population would say that he should register as a foreign agent for the Russians, that he was Un-American, and that he is a traitor to everything America stands for and in fact is traitor. The fact that Trump is the President should lead inexorably to that conclusion.

    • Anonymous

      In reference to your second paragraph, I believe that 50% of Americans would say they agree Trump’s actions on clean air, clean water, etc. benefit the U.S. contrary to your take. Trump may end up being recognized as one of the truly great Presidents of our time.

      • I find great difficulty in accepting that 50% of Americans prefer dirtier air, dirtier water, etc. I’m sure Trump is recognized today by the Russian Government as “the” truly great President of our time, and give you credit for the use of the word ‘may.’

        In terms of “Where does Donald Trump rank on the list of American presidents?” as seen by experts who know a thing or two (Table 1, pages 2-3*), provides for a pretty good idea on “Table 1: Overall Presidential Greatness Ratings and Rankings,” Trump ranks dead last. *

        See pages 13-14 for a summary of his other best, greatest, genius and stable accomplishments.

        I’ll take bets that Americans would have to elect Martin Shkreli to the U.S. presidency to move Trump out of last place.

        • Anonymous

          Not saying people prefer dirtier anything, only that EPA and other Agency Regs simply got out of hand causing significant costs not justified by the small impact many of the Regs. A common sense approach just seems better than an an all out business killing approach.

          • LOL that you would use the term ‘common sense’ relating to anything said or done by turmp! Now, using the term ‘business killing’ and relating to him, perfect sense, given his business history and all the bankruptcies he has filed.

            Your continued effort to defend this lunatic only shows your ignorance.

          • I’m sure one can come up with instances based upon cases where that may be so, and if you have a few, show them in this space. But those who take your view that it’s just that “EPA and other Agency Regs simply got out of hand causing significant costs not justified by the small impact many of the Regs,” lose ground when Trump chooses an EPA director whose only known mission has been to side with water polluters chemical companies and spillers, air polluters, those who intentionally and repeatedly get caught violating EPA justified rules and regs that caused countless cancers and deaths, and an endless litany of destruction to communities around the country no more so than to rural communities that love Trump so much. The same communities that are hardest hit by destroying Obamacare, and in process to reduce or destroy benefits of Medicare, Medicaid and other healthcare services.

            Mr. Destructo.

      • You are seriously delusional and clearly self-centered. The purpose of certain rules and regulations is to limit the damage done by careless manufacturing that cares not that the air quality is toxic as released from the smoke stacks or that the debris expelled into the waterways is contaminated by certain manufacturing processes. That water ultimately fills our reservoirs and supplies water to our homes and other businesses that rely on clean air and water to be as healthy as possible.

        The reasons you and your kind don’t care is you have no concern for the continuation of life on this planet after you are dead. And your reason for this lack of concern is 100% related to your insatiable need to acquire as much money as you possibly can while you are alive…and then you are dead…what happens to all that money…any family you leave behind will not survive the toxic air and water you left behind. Fool.

        So many other industries are adversely effected as well — medicine and science costs to study, diagnose, develop, manufacture, and treat illnesses as a result of toxic air and water. Research and medications and insurance costs are all trickle down related to your toxic air and water. and so much more.

        So get your head out of your ass.

        • Anonymous

          so here’s the thing

        • Anonymous

          So here’s the thing. Delusional – maybe. Self-centered – Nope. I believe “my kind” do care as to what our Grand-kids face environmentally in the future and believe great strides have been made to clean up and end destructive actions by industry. Also believe that Regulations went too far and became too costly for the very small incremental improvements realized. Waterways such as Lake Erie and many, if not most, rivers have seen significant turn cleansing but the Law of Diminishing Returns and Unintended Consequences has taken hold it seems.

          • The only law that has been diminished is the one protecting the air and the water and the unintended consequence is your grandson may be born with 3 arms… but you will already be dead from the tainted water they used to manufacture your beer…all because assface in the oval office wanted more money for him and his rich friends.

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