Analysts Can Think Of Worse Things Than A Trade War – Like Say, ‘An Asteroid Hitting The Earth’

Analysts Can Think Of Worse Things Than A Trade War – Like Say, ‘An Asteroid Hitting The Earth’

One of the themes I've been harping on over the past several days is the notion that because markets haven't had sufficient time to recover psychologically from last month's technical selloff, it's probably not reasonable to expect everyone to demonstrate some kind of stoic fortitude in the face of seemingly hawkish Fed rhetoric and the threat of a global trade war. Here's how I described the setup in a post for Dealbreaker on Friday: Headed into March, investors hoped the turmoil that unfolded
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4 thoughts on “Analysts Can Think Of Worse Things Than A Trade War – Like Say, ‘An Asteroid Hitting The Earth’

  1. It could only be. ART OF THE DEAL opening gambit talk. Or….it could be a “neccessary” ploy to consolidate the voters for midterms this year. Let’s see: Big deficit, tightening FED, lower corporate taxes, on edge markets, North Korea, Italian elections, Kuroda, still Draghi….nobody solves all that so we clear at a 9 P.E.

    1. He’s so smart and so genius, how could we possibly figure out his 4-dimensional chess tactics of flipping the board over and scattering all the pieces?

  2. Last week Trump said he’d support a ban on assault weapons and he promised to impose uuuge tariffs on imported aluminum and steel. This is a major part of Trump’s media manipulation playbook, and is merely a warm up for the main act. Throwing the world into global economic chaos is great way to divert media attention from the Hicks split and J-Kush’s security clearance/influence pedaling scandal. In normal times the Trump Panama City Hotel would be the lead story on MSNBC. But these aren’t normal times.

    I predict that “Trump Tariff Crisis” will blow over in a week or two, and the S&P 500 will resume its march toward 3000.

    Trump is a crappy President, but he has a certain mastery of mass psychology. He clearly relishes crisis and controversy and shows no concern about ethics or the Truth. Trump can feel the Mueller noose slowly tightening around his fat neck. He knows that his goose will be cooked to a crisp in the not too distant future unless he can come up with a strategy to hold the hounds at bay.

    Given what we know about Trump’s skill set, and the current world dynamics, I see one extremely likely scenario. Think Putin, Iran and Syria, with a side order of Israel.

  3. Love Ben Inker: “Despite everything I have written above, we have not made…any material changes to our asset allocation portfolios.” Get an emotional support animal.

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