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VIX Explodes To 50. That’s ‘5’ With A ‘0’ After It.

Good luck, we're all counting on you...

Just a little fair warning in light of everything that’s unfolded over the past 18 hours, the VIX is at 50.

That would be 50 as in a “5” and a “0”. Put together. To form one number.

So that would be an additional 35%-ish on top of Monday’s historic surge.


Intraday, that’s the highest since the aftermath of the yuan devaluation.


And just so we’re all on the same page here, on a closing basis, that would be the highest since March 2009:


The inverse-VIX ETPs are of course halted and apparently, Credit Suisse is thinking about buying back XIV after what happened on Monday.

Good luck folks…


2 comments on “VIX Explodes To 50. That’s ‘5’ With A ‘0’ After It.

  1. ok–so what happens next?
    lots of chatter about mean reversion.
    ok–i get that but don’t think that will happen.
    halt trading? my account has not even settled yet.
    shit is all over the place.

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