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‘Rationality Has Disappeared’: ECB’s Hansson Calls Cryptocurrencies A ‘Cult’

"Sooner or later"...

"Sooner or later"...
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3 comments on “‘Rationality Has Disappeared’: ECB’s Hansson Calls Cryptocurrencies A ‘Cult’

  1. For the cryptocrowd it isn’t a loss of perspective. It’s young demographic whom have simply not had the opportunity, or taken advantage of opportunities – to gain experience in economics and finance to create mature perspective. It’s a case of not knowing what you don’t know.

    Unfortunately, older demographics with supposed “better” and more experienced perspectives – haven’t exactly provided an enviable record of accomplishments of improving the world to a point where anyone would want their perspective – even if more accurate. Quite the opposite.

    • I am actually thinking the same thing with you.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed… no trust whatsoever in our elders or the direction they chose for our generation. Just a pile of student loan debt, some tax increases, 0 social security, global warming, a housing crisis, trump, etc. etc. etc. Excuse me for tuning them out.

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