Eddy Zillan’s i8, A Cryptopia In Puerto Rico And Why Bitcoin Is Going To Zero

But here’s the thing. I’ve got to tell you that I don’t think I have ever witnessed anything that is as absurd/insane as the cryptocurrency mania.


Epsilon Theory’s Latest: Too Clever By Half

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Wise words 2,000 years ago. Wise words today.”

‘Rationality Has Disappeared’: ECB’s Hansson Calls Cryptocurrencies A ‘Cult’

“Sooner or later”…

‘I Do Not Believe This Time Is Different’: One Investor Updates His Cryptocurrency Bubble Prediction

“That is very often the final stage of a bubble and I do not believe that “this time is different.”

Are You Underestimating The Size Of The Crypto Bubble?

“In some cases this might make sense (for bitcoin, the total supply is not yet mined and won’t be for a long time so it is truly not accessible), but for almost all other cryptoassets this view is simply misleading.”

One CEO Goes There: What If Blockchain Is Useless?

“What if there isn’t actually any use for a distributed ledger at all? What if the reason that, ten years after it was invented, the reason nobody has adopted a distributed ledger at scale is because nobody wants it?”

Long Island Iced Tea Soars 400% After Going ‘Long Blockchain’ (Figuratively And Literally)

“The Company does not have an agreement with any of these entities”

Trader: ‘This Is A Full Blown Mania’

“Well, my millennial readers, I will let you in on a little secret. You guys are in the midst of blowing your very own bubble.”

SEC Suspends Trading In Bra Maker-Turned Crypto Company

The story here is even more absurd than usual. This is a reverse merger with a bra company.

‘I Actually Sold All My Bitcoin’: Explaining Monday’s Surge In Bitcoin Cash

“I actually sold all my bitcoins recently and switched to bitcoin cash.”

The Hottest Stock On The Planet Is All About Ziddu Coins, AI, Blockchain And Art Vandelay

As you can see, things really accelerated on Friday, which is the day the company made the following announcement…

The ‘Identity Of Who Is Propping Up Bitcoin’ Is Revealed!

There you go. It’s Mrs. Watanabe. Or in this case, “Mr.” Watanabe.

‘Bitcoin Jesus’: ‘Bitcoin Is No Longer A Cryptocurrency’



The 2 Most Important Issues As Bitcoin Goes Parabolic

And before anyone jeers, this is penned by a crypto enthusiast.

Bitcoin The False God.

Meanwhile, this is becoming something akin to a religion. And I’ll show you what I mean.