‘Just Add Blockchain’

‘Just Add Blockchain’

Who remembers "Riot Blockchain?" Well, for anyone who might have missed this truly ridiculous story, here is the brief history starting in 2012 and running all the way up to the present... This is a company that i) had a license for veterinary products, ii) licensed that license to somebody else in exchange for a royalty, iii) sold its corporate headquarters, immediately rented a closet in the back of the same building, iv) bought another company, v) developed “a proprietary Enhanced Surf
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10 thoughts on “‘Just Add Blockchain’

  1. I wonder if the subs are any good? Is it marginable? Bios on management? I have written qbit code that can decript every crypto out there in a week. I just need hardware, or is it entangled quantumware?

      1. H – google the address of the po box and you will find your column mentioned, may have to go to page 2 by now so much has been entered – lots of strange things at that po box service. Who hires a lawyer whose address is a po box – geez!

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