‘Wall Street Will Run Amok’, Elizabeth Warren Warns Amid CFPB Standoff

‘Wall Street Will Run Amok’, Elizabeth Warren Warns Amid CFPB Standoff

Update: sure enough, late Friday evening... PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS MULVANEY IS ACTING DIRECTOR OF CFPB ************************ Note: on Friday, Richard Cordray resigned and immediately appointed the CFPB's chief of staff, Leandra English, as the agency's deputy director. That's an apparent effort to block Donald Trump from naming his successor and sets up a standoff with the administration. Below is the context via Elizabeth Warren. Cordray's full letter is embedded following Warren's Op-Ed.
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One thought on “‘Wall Street Will Run Amok’, Elizabeth Warren Warns Amid CFPB Standoff

  1. How does trump get away with this when the Dodd-Frank Act clearly addresses this:

    (5) DEPUTY DIRECTOR.–There is established the position of Deputy Director, who shall–
    (A) be appointed by the Director; and
    (B) serve as acting Director in the absence or unavailability of the Director.

    *Trump can offer candidates to the Senate for approval, in the meantime the Deputy Director would serve in the appointed position.*

    (2) APPOINTMENT.–Subject to paragraph (3), the Director shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
    (3) QUALIFICATION.–The President shall nominate the Director from among individuals who are citizens of the United States.

    *Clearly, the acting Director would hold the position until the permanent Director is found thru the required procedures.*

    *Seems to me trump has usurped his authority – and I see on Wiki for Mulvaney, this is already presented and shown on the same date, just after his current position as Director of the Office of Management and Budget:*

    Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Acting; Disputed
    Assumed office
    November 25, 2017
    President Donald Trump
    Preceded by Richard Cordray

    *Cordray made the decision to reassign Leandra English to the position of deputy director*

    *How is something like this to be resolved? Maybe someone needs to read it to the fucking moron.*

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