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SEC Suspends Trading In Bra Maker-Turned Crypto Company

The story here is even more absurd than usual. This is a reverse merger with a bra company.

The story here is even more absurd than usual. This is a reverse merger with a bra company.
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5 comments on “SEC Suspends Trading In Bra Maker-Turned Crypto Company

  1. Jim Ordway

    similar to LFIN as well. All logic says to short it but the insanity of the crypto seems to hold the price up.. Courage or insanity.

  2. The craziest part of the story to me is that the SEC actually, you know, did something.

  3. I just read a study that suggested that memories we have of our children are better remembered than those that aren’t. When I re-read the article above it reminded me of when my kids were four of five years old and playing make believe with their friends.

    In their imagined realities, there was this constant exchange of the new rules to shape their make-believe reality fit their four year old’s perception of a functional reality. Listening to them, it was amusing because you were struck by how few constraints that real adult world realities existed in their four year old mind and or placed on their make-believe reality existence.

    “Ok, Ok, Ok, (brains tactical delay while minor reality conflict/challenge is resolved in the four year old imagination) – so, so, so… now I have wings and I can fly to get a way from you.” Which of course would be countered by their playmate – “Yeah, but my wings are bigger and faster than yours and I can spit fire at you.” and on and on.

    There seems to be an analogous relevance in this remembering of my children’s reality perceptions and the lack of real world financial and economic reality limitations that ultimately doom private cryptocurrencies. There’s that familiar feeling of watching those with as yet unfamiliar with adult (financial and adult) realities as the rapidly increasing number of crypto coin companies/stocks continue to both expand and dilute the millennial mania necessary to propel individual crypto stock valuations – in their limited imaginary reality.

    When blockchain transaction processes become the norm for banks and credit card companies, where will the legal need (or use) be or impetus for private cryptocurrencies come from. This is the reality that is happening right now as blockchain technology expands into the financial world unrestricted by patents or any other kinds of intellectual property restrictions. And yet, some still insist crytocurrencies like BitCoin can “grow wings to escape.”

  4. The strength of the dollar is in Americans. Not a piece of paper. Not gold. Not Silver. Not Crypto Currency.
    Crypto currency has no working class driving it.

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