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Trump: ‘I Would NEVER Call Kim Jong-Un Short And Fat’

Where to begin?

As you know, Donald Trump is just about set to wrap up his romp through Asia.

To his credit, he managed to get through the marathon adventure without causing an international incident, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything untoward (he did) and it certainly doesn’t mean he didn’t make a fool of himself on any number of occasions (he did that too).

Now that the trip is in the books, he’s free to get back to doing what he does best: heaping praise on Vladimir Putin and saying ridiculous things on Twitter.


Earlier today, we documented a series of absurd comments the President made about Russian election meddling while speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One. Those comments included this rhetorical monument to stupidity:

Every time [Putin] sees me, he says, ‘I didn’t do that. And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it.

Well on Saturday evening, Trump took to Twitter to strike back at Kim Jong-Un who, in response to comments Trump made at the South Korean National Assembly, called the President a “lunatic old man,” and said the United States must remove him from power “to get rid of the abyss of doom.”

Needless to say, that didn’t go over well with Trump, but he held his thumbs tongue until he was clear of the blast radius. Safely out of range, Trump tweeted the following a few minutes ago:


Where to begin? First of all you’ve got to love the location finder there: “11 Nov 2017 from Vietnam.”

But the best thing about this is undoubtedly the fact that the President of the United States is now using a high schoolish insult tactic. “I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat'” – “except that I just did.”

Additionally, it’s not 100% clear that “short and fat” is any worse than “Little Rocket Man” and it’s safe to say that “short and fat” is far preferable to “I’ll nuke your entire country” which Trump has all but explicitly threatened to do on any number of occasions.

Finally, it’s probably also safe to say that this tweet was not run by any of the army of advisors that accompanied him on this overseas jaunt, advisors who, up until about 45 minutes ago anyway, had succeeded in keeping this trip from careening off the tracks.


16 comments on “Trump: ‘I Would NEVER Call Kim Jong-Un Short And Fat’

  1. Being fat in North Korea is a good thing

  2. A lot of people are getting fat on short vol.

  3. Kim actually called Trump a “lunatic old man”. Apparently Trump wasn’t insulted by the “lunatic” part.

    • I recall Trump stating his strategy was to play the lunatic role relative to foreign policy so the adversary(ies) wouldn’t know what to expect next out of him. Based on that, I’m guessing the lunatic label is a compliment from Trump’s standpoint. I’m surprised he didn’t tweet something along the lines of “…that’s right rocket-boy, I’m the lunatic that is your worst nightmare….” Kind of a combo of Max Caddy and Jack Torrance.

  4. Come on H the donald is now up to high schoolish taunts that is an improvement from the 5th grade playground sh*t . Plus, the adults on the plane probably had him tied-up until they left the Korean peninsula. A smart move on their part.

  5. addiprimus

    Why can’t y’all start worry and begin to love the Trump? Why be hypersensitive to the customs of other cultures when they heap up disrespect on our own? I call BS on the worry mongers. Finally, someone is treating #NoKo how it deserves to be treated… like an insolent child. North Korea wants to sit at the big kids table by throwing tantrums, when in fact it has 1/3 the GDP of Bakersville, CA. Time to grow up.

    • The President is conducting foreign policy by hurling schoolyard insults over twitter, and it’s the people who think that’s inappropriate who need to grow up?

    • Nope, NK sits at the big kids table because it stayed the course and developed a thermonuclear weapon. Learned from Iraq that ending the program does not work.

      • jenn 詹妮弗 bunny

        Exactly. What did disarmament do for Gaddaffi?

        Besides, the politics of Pyongyang require that the despot Kim, for the survival of the repressive regime and his position within it, project an image of strength against an external threat. Given that Kim has accomplished that at such a young age without experience or many resources, Kim is actually a clever tyrant not to be underestimated. Those in Korea who did or participated in the failed Chinese plot to replace Kim with his half-brother have paid with their lives.

        And I’m sorry but Kim is even beating Trump on his preferred battlefield, twitter, where Kim’s attacks resonate – around the world and even in enemy territory – while “dotard” Trump’s don’t.

  6. And Kim Jung-Un will never say Trump has small hands.

  7. Things could really escalate if they start bagging on each other’s hair styles.

    • NOKO is serious about hair styles. I understand that deviation from a half dozen or so acceptable hairstyles is punishable.

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