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Today Is Donald Trump’s Anniversary And Here’s How Global Markets And ‘So-Called’ Bond Traders Have Treated Him

Well in honor of Trump's presidential anniversary, here's a look at how various assets have performed since that election that no one remembers he won.

Listen, I don’t know if you know this or not, but Donald Trump won the presidency a year ago.

That’s one of those under-the-radar type of events that the #fakenews tries not to report.

Incredibly, not many people know Trump is President.


For instance, late last month Sean Hannity accidentally called Hillary Clinton “President Clinton.”


See? That’s how deep this conspiracy runs. Not even Trump’s surrogates know he’s President.

So thank God for Trump’s Twitter feed, because that’s pretty much the only place where you can find out that he’s President. Here, for instance, is what he posted this afternoon:

There you go. A grinning picture featuring at least two people that will probably be in prison by the time 2020 rolls around.

Another thing that you might not know is that the stock market has risen over the past year. That’s something else that no one ever talks about besides Trump. Everyone tries to cover up the fact that stocks are up. It might not seem like that because of how literally every mainstream financial news media outlet on the planet plasters “MARKET CLOSES AT RECORD HIGHS” all over their front pages every afternoon, but trust the President when he says that “no one” is talking about it.

Similarly, no one besides Trump is talking about how record high stock prices reduce the national debt. I mean sure, one reason no one talks about that is because it’s not true, but the overriding reason is because it’s a conspiracy against Trump. Trump who is President. Since last year. And who is definitely not going to prison.

Well in honor of Trump’s presidential anniversary, here’s a look at how various assets have performed since that election that no one remembers he won:


And here’s a quick retrospective from Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid:

Today marks the one year anniversary of President Trump securing victory in the 2016 presidential election. Needless to say that the victory was unprecedented and also a massive shock around the world. Following Trump’s victory, it was widely expected that we’d see a much higher chance of fiscal spending but also a reinforcement of the backlash against globalisation and associated forces of which migration policy and trade were probably first and foremost. In reality what we have seen in the last twelve months is plenty of evidence of backlash against globalisation, hostility and controversy, but very little in the way of fiscal policy. Indeed we’ve regards to the latter, the debacle around healthcare reform probably best characterises the difficulties the President has faced in that regard.

I am not 100% sure that Jim’s message was approved by Donald Trump (who is President) prior to publication.

Finally, note the following chart that proves just how determined people are to pretend like Donald Trump isn’t President – even “so-called” bond traders are in on the conspiracy because if they were being honest and weren’t #faketraders, there’s no way the curve would be this flat…



8 comments on “Today Is Donald Trump’s Anniversary And Here’s How Global Markets And ‘So-Called’ Bond Traders Have Treated Him

  1. “If a society is brought low because of the failure of its leader, we ought to ask why our society didn’t breed a better leader.”

    Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)
    Historian, political scientist and inspiration for the Tocqueville Gold Fund

  2. In fairness, Trump did get something Obama never got: a full State Dinner on his election anniversary.
    Beef ribs with a 360-year-old soy sauce worth tens of thousands of dollars. But he prefers ketchup, lol.
    And OMG, no kimchi !!

    • Morning all from Singapore… Listen up about Trump’s new Asia pivot.

      So, trump preferred what Japan’s Abe treated him to…The cheeseburger and coke for $10

      Which is all the hugely indebted Japanese Finance Ministry could afford, luckily as it turns out.

      As reports now say that, subsequent to his successive meals in Japan and Korea, Trump gave the nuclear codes to the burger-munching Samurai warriors, then told Kim Jong-un he can strike those kimchi-eating south koreans without any fear of retaliation.

  3. I’m sure the deplorables he refers to are what’s referred to “today” as his base. Back then it was the base + people who didn’t know any better or were deluded. Today the base is comprised of a whole a different story.

    “A grinning picture featuring at least two people that will probably be in prison by the time 2020 rolls around.”

    Interesting question as to which two will probably be in prison by the time 2020 rolls around or should go to prison by that time.

    I’d like to see what Miller and Bannon have to say under oath and find it odd as to why they have not been questioned by the committees to date.

    • I bet they both are on Mueller’s list of suspects. From what I have read and deduced, Mueller is working his way towards trump and those two pieces of trash are almost shoulder to shoulder with Kushner, who will probably be the last before trump. I am glad to see his trusty body guard (Keith whatever) is on the list and will soon be questioned! That one knows more than many and best be very careful with the truths or he will have a cell reserved for lying!

      • Unfortunately, Keith Schiller looks to be a guy who thinks of himself as a G. Gordon Liddy, type. They’ll be lucky if he goes them his name, rank and serial number. But who knows. Here’s his bio from wiki: Another Trump under-skilled hire at the White House, where Trump appointed him: Director of Oval Office Operations.

        From Cop to body guard to White House Director of Oval Office Operations, whatever that means.

  4. He has been with trump for more than 20 years – that covers a lot of wives and deals – he is trump’s most trusted friend and may actually be the only real friend trump has — He has been described as “one of Trump’s most loyal and trusted aides” and “a constant presence at Trump’s side for nearly two decades.”

    Trump probably loves him for his big tough guy attitude, busting down doors as a narc officer, experience in wire tapping (uh huh). He was always at the campaign rallies and did not hesitate to get in someone’s face and threaten them – he actually did hit someone I recall – trump loved it.

    When trump moved into the WH and FBI objected to Keith being “in the way” and trump wanted him close to him so he appointed him in the Oval Office Operations position. He even went with Kushner to a meeting in Iraq probably because Kushner was a bit afraid or Ivanka was! No one is closer to trump than this pin head! He has seen and heard it ALL.

    That is why I said he better mind his truths or he will end up in prison for lying. He also may be the only person truly loyal to trump! I think it was at least a week ago I read that Mueller said Keith would be called to answer questions – bet that made trump really nervous and pissed!

    • P.S. I assume we all saw how protective and loyal trump was (NOT) to Keith when Kelly removed him. Once Keith was severed off the hip of assface and sent packing – trump was silent on it. Then poor Keith could not find work anywhere close to what he was being overpaid by trump for too many years….wonder what kind of work he found in Florida? Like trump, I also really don’t care.

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