Delusional: Trump Tells NYT Mueller Probe Has ‘Nothing To Do With’ Trump

Donald Trump is pretty sure that somehow, the investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties to the Kremlin has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

In what was probably an ill-advised decision, the President apparently decided to do a “brief phone call” with the New York Times on Wednesday afternoon and the soundbites are characteristically delusional.

One thing worth noting up front is that one of the bylines on the article is Peter Baker, who was the subject of a Twitter attack last month:


We did an entire post on the backstory behind that tweet – those interested can read all about it here.

Asked about the indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, Trump told the Times the following this afternoon:

I’m not under investigation, as you know.

This is down to semantics. He’s leaning on technicalities here but obviously, the idea that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election has nothing to do with Donald Trump is patently absurd.

And he went further, referencing the indictment while simultaneously referring to himself in the third person:

And even if you look at that, there’s not even a mention of Trump in there.

There are, however, plenty of mentions of Manafort “in there” and Manafort was the campaign chief for Trump, and while ol’ Paul has been on the radar for a very long time, his involvement in the President’s campaign was clearly the straw that broke the camel’s back. Of course Gates was an adviser to the campaign as well.

And then there’s George Papadopolous, who was flipped by Mueller and who, according to reports out on Tuesday evening, suggested in e-mails that top Trump campaign officials agreed to a pre-election meeting with representatives of Vladimir Putin. As Bloomberg wrote, “if true, that would bolster claims that Trump’s campaign attempted to collude with Russian interests.”

In short: this is all about Donald Trump. So he’s either i) delusional, ii) desperate to convince an increasingly skeptical public that everything is fine, or more likely iii) a little bit of both.

Trump also told the Times that contrary to reports (and also to common sense), he’s “not angry at anybody.”

Finally, he swore that according to new polling from swing states (which, at least based on the tone of the Times article, no one has seen but him), he’s getting “fantastic numbers.” That would of course mark a stark contrast to the national polling, which shows that his approval ratings are at record lows.

Asked how he’s liking the job, Trump said this:

I’m really enjoying it.

Draw your own conclusions.



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5 thoughts on “Delusional: Trump Tells NYT Mueller Probe Has ‘Nothing To Do With’ Trump

  1. deny deny deny…lie lie lie…and don’t stop until they believe you — that is his mantra, every day, never stops running thru his mind.

    lock him up lock him up lock him up — that’s my mantra!

    I signed the Petition to Impeach, funded by Tom Steyer and he already has 1,119,720 signatures. This billionaire started this only ten days ago, you can probably Google him for full info. Or send him an email Tom Steyer, [email protected], sign the petition! He is not asking for any money, only a signature!

    “Thanks to you: 10,000 signatures grew to 100,000. Then 100,000 signatures grew to 250,000. And after Donald Trump tweeted at us F‌riday, fueling the fire, we exploded to more than 1 million over the weekend.
    The speed with which we’ve reached this incredible milestone is a testament to the strength of our grassroots movement. And we can’t stop now. We need to get stronger. We need to add more and more voices to our cause. If everyone reading this email recruits just one more friend or family member to sign on, we could reach this ambitious 2 million goal in no time!”

  2. Have we not passed the stage where it’s of no use analyzing conversations and words spoken by Trump as if he’s semi-normal? I thought great headway was made with a decision that posting his live remarks was against all things rational and productive. As I watch talking heads and well intentioned reporters and news show figures, like Mathews, O’Donnell and Tapper, analyze and parse Trump’s words as if spoken by a rational person, I wonder what they seek to accomplish. All they do is foster the notion that he’s normal but wrong on policy.

    There is no policy when he speaks. He’s simply mentally ill. He’s deranged. He’s and as a hatter. He’s been certified by more then two dozen shrinks and psychologists. Why do so many spend time trying to fit his words into some kind of “policy” structure or legitimate framework of some kind.

    If the president claimed to be Jesus Christ, grew his beard long, acted like a Rabbi, directed that congress send checks to every poor American, would they sit there and try and fit his words into a new “socialist” policy of some kind? Not a damn chance! You know why? Cause they’d label him off his rocker, coo coo, nutso, and insane. Well, he’s not acting insane like Jesus Christ, instead, he’s acting insane like Donald Trump!! So, please stop trying to make sense of out what this deranged asshole taps out on his phone or at a conference or an interview without any thought or understanding and instead lobby for his commitment like I’ve been saying since he came down the escalator and announced!

    Lock him up!!
    Lock him up!!
    Lock him up!!

    1. YEP. O’Donnell does not mince his words, he makes it clear what his opinion is — the first 15 min every night is a dedicated monologue, telling it like it is and how he feels, no one does it any better than him along those lines. Chris and Jake quote trump and then prove up how that was a lie or that is not what he said a month ago or use his own words to discredit him and they also do a great job. They all walk a line and stumble over calling him ‘insane’ and they all know he is – but they have bosses who require them to step back from getting them all sued and they have to carefully choose their words. Morning Joe goes all the way and he don’t care – I don’t think he has a boss that cares and he would rather play in his band every day so what the hell – he charges head on!

      What really needs to happen is get those idiots on Fox off the fucking air! Talk about insane! They tell the lies as much as assface does and they make his cult believe they are the only ones telling the truths – I am so sick of their uranium story I could spit. pa tooey! Those MF’s should be charged with crimes against the United States!!

      Sign the Impeach Now Petition – I promise you will feel like you are doing something. In the meantime, lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up…pa tooey!

      1. Fox and the WSJ and those outlets that called for a complete Trump pardon of everyone in the universe is all about the immigrant Rupert Murdoch and his kids. Perhaps he’s an immigrant that’s done a whole lot more damage to America and American values than any other force this century!

        Lock him up!!
        Lock him up!!
        Lock him up!!

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