Another Shoe Drops: Papadopolous Says Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin Reps

Another Shoe Drops: Papadopolous Says Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin Reps

Well, here we go. On Monday, everyone was caught off guard when the biggest news turned out not to be that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted, but rather that Mueller had already flipped a witness. That witness was George Papadopolous, a former campaign adviser to Trump, who unbeknownst to pretty much everyone, secretly pleaded guilty on October 5 to making false claims to the FBI.   It quickly became apparent that while the Manafort indictments were bad, the Papadopolous ne
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6 thoughts on “Another Shoe Drops: Papadopolous Says Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin Reps

  1. Didn’t Trump also PERSONALLY meet with the Mexican President before the election??? So the campaign was ALSO colluding with the Mexicans???

    Get a clue and present a balanced story… just conversations. No $’s or favors were exchanged (at least none discovered over the last 10 months)… unlike the Clinton campaign.

  2. Believe me, I’d like nothing more than for this disgraceful experiment to be terminated as quickly as possible. I predicted, and bet, it would be over within the first calendar year. Nonetheless, this entire Russian thing, insofar as it will actually bring down Trump, is a giant “nothing-burger.”

    There is nothing there. Did the Russians try to peddle opposition ammo – sure – so what? It’s a free country. Did members of the Team Trump collaborate with Russians and others to advance their respective causes? Sure – so what? Again, it’s a f r e e s o c I e t y, and that’s fundamental. None of this stuff is going to stick – nor should it. Besides, what’s the big deal?

    The best way to bring down a renegade like Trump is to give him as much rope as he’ll take – and then some. One day he will hang himself. Were it not for all these side-shows giving him cover for what is likely really going on we would be much closer to euthanizing this administration.

  3. This really is a side show – by design. It’s a side show sponsored by both sides, or several sides, to deflect attention and scrutiny from each of their respective scams – all of which come down to their own enrichment. None of these scandals, investigations, arrests, and indictments means anything in comparison to the underlying and ongoing crimes. It starts at the top and flows right down to the lowest level of alt-media on each side – all with the objective of deflecting blame, guilt and scrutiny of whomever and whatever they serve.

    Ultimately, they are all just different breeds of dogs: from the NY Times to the Washington Post, from FOX to CNN and from Alex Jones to The Heisenberg. Each has a clear agenda and bias. None provide a balanced assessment of the facts – just a spin that serves their sponsors. The model is the same as the early media outlets that blatantly spun the value of useless and/or harmful products of their sponsors – from secret decoder rings and X-Ray glasses to cigarettes and Cialis. Now its corrupt anachronisms from Trump to Clinton and the DNC or the GOP.

    1. Your negative analogy for “useless and/or harmful products” fell apart on your example of Cialis which you clearly have not explored either personally or critically. Cialis benefits in both sexual dysfunction and the reduction of BPH symptoms – and its extremely low demonstration of consistent harmful side effects (all drugs have side effects) – especially side effects not caused by other drug interactions and or preexisting pathologies. (

      Necessarily, this makes us wonder (as you should consider) how capable your are in separating the “useless and/or harmful products” that Trump and his administration have proven to represent – beyond the current criminal investigation that clearly is of Trump and his administration whether yet named or not and most of which is yet to unfold.

      While we all have bias and certainly paid content and specific sponsored media have their for profit biases, this doesn’t excuse us as individuals from using our basic critical thinking skills to sort the bias in the face of what has become an international embarrassment to American democracy and the people it is supposed to serve – whether they are discerning enough to know it or not.

      1. Glad to hear Cialis works for you. I really had no idea – it worked for the alliteration and I think I remember the creepy commercial of the elderly couple sitting in matching bathtubs looking at the sunset or sunrise. No offense intended – sounds like a good and helpful product – so happy endings!

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