Trump Wakes Up, Reminds Puerto Rico Their Infrastructure Sucks, Says FEMA Can’t Stay ‘Forever’

Trump Wakes Up, Reminds Puerto Rico Their Infrastructure Sucks, Says FEMA Can’t Stay ‘Forever’

Well, Donald Trump is up early on Thursday morning and once again, he’s taking aim at one of his favorite targets: hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

You’ll recall that a couple of days before the President was wheels down on the island, he took to Twitter to call Puerto Ricans “politically motivated ingrates” who “want everything done for them,” when it comes to hurricane relief.

That was largely a response to criticism from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz with whom Trump found himself engaged in a pretty epic PR battle (double entendre there with the “PR” – public relations and Puerto Rico).


Ultimately, Trump would make things all “better” by first dedicating a golf trophy to the island and then by flying down there and throwing paper towels at people. He also suggested that we should wipe away Puerto Rico’s debt, a move which it didn’t seem to occur to Trump would destroy the muni market forever. Oh, and he told the island that the disaster has “blown a hole” in “a thing called budget.”

Since then, he’s been in damage control mode and generally speaking, Puerto Rico isn’t something you want to bring up around him lest he should lose his temper. Hence this, tweeted before dawn on Thursday:


Say what you will about the island’s notoriously desperate financial situation, but those second two tweets are absurd. You’re the President of the United States. You don’t need to remind Puerto Ricans that their infrastructure was “a disaster before the hurricanes.” To the extent that’s true, you can bet they already know all about it by virtue of living there.

And when it comes to not being able to keep FEMA and the military in Puerto Rico “forever,” it’s worth noting that they’ve only been there for a couple of weeks. Although to be fair, two weeks does seem like “forever” in the Trump era.

Remember: it’s barely 7:00 a.m. in Washington.

6 thoughts on “Trump Wakes Up, Reminds Puerto Rico Their Infrastructure Sucks, Says FEMA Can’t Stay ‘Forever’

    1. Yeah, no matter what you think of the content, the structure of those tweets are not Donald J. Trump’s. The structure of those thoughts are not Donald J. Trump’s.

      1. looks like the ones he wrote before on same subject AND he capitalized unnecessarily, like Military and First Responders and Hurricanes in one and small hurricanes in another. Then he praised FEMA, his pal, Brock Long. He also used two of his favorite words — disaster and amazing. yeah, he wrote that crap.

  1. Two things…1. his revenge on them because the mayor shamed him (and he deserved it!) 2. they cannot vote so he does not need them.

    add one more: I truly hate this prick.

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