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Pelosi, Schumer: Let’s Not Kick Jessica And Javier Out Of The Country, Ok?

"...including 70% of respondents who approve of Donald Trump's job performance, according to a CNN poll released this week."

"...including 70% of respondents who approve of Donald Trump's job performance, according to a CNN poll released this week."
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12 comments on “Pelosi, Schumer: Let’s Not Kick Jessica And Javier Out Of The Country, Ok?

  1. bigbritheacguy0001

    Well, we already know we can’t trust any polling data from CNN…

  2. Pelosi, Schumer
    I wouldn’t buy a fire extinguisher from them two if my house was on fire.
    Perhaps this will shed some light.


    Honor the last deal or kick rocks. You got your amnesty we didn’t get our fix…
    Simple, the largest employers using black market labor should be fined 250,000 per incident.
    Problem solved, no wall needed. No chasing people down.
    But hey that’s the problem isn’t it, you two don’t want to fix the problem. You want to keep using black market labor.
    If it cost 1,000 per hour, then that IS the fair market value for the product (labor).
    If i have to buy my needs based on the free market then you have to also.
    Provide the same protections for our products or remove the protections for your products.
    The chamber of commerce can kiss the dark spot. I can garden, i don’t care how high the price of produce.
    By the way i saw what you did there with the military thing, just another mark against your name.

    Take my job, take my health care, there is nothing going to get me to go along with you two. And yes i know Trumpo the clown is going to stab me in my back.

    • “And yes i know Trumpo the clown is going to stab me in my back.”

      yes, he sure is. in fact, he’s already doing it by pushing a tax proposal that saves him $1.1 billion.

    • Mr Lewis, not really sure what your agenda is regarding DACA – the young people that fall into that group are typically not out picking your vegetables – it is well documented information about many of these people, interviewed and researched, not criminals, not gangsters, not hiding. None of your diatribe actually relates to DACA, which is the basis of Schumer and Pelosi’s presentation.

      One line in particular from your posting: “But hey that’s the problem isn’t it, you two don’t want to fix the problem. You want to keep using black market labor.” This ridiculous comment clearly indicates you have not heard them speak nor can you read the printed words. They most certainly are in favor of immigration reform as most American’s are – but trump’s methods are archaic and cruel, not to mention just plain stupid.

      So, turn down your music and pay attention if you really want to contribute to a copacetic society.

      Maybe a new mantra for you would be (quote Eldridge Cleaver): ‘There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’

      • So you believe its not part of the same problem, fair enough, i don’t agree.

      • I have already agreed to be part of the problem.
        I have no interest in immigration reform, nor contributing to a copacetic society.
        Why would you think i have anything beyond a passing interest in pop culture.

        If i complain about bank robbery it is not proof i think we should reform the law to decriminalize it.

        Let me be perfectly clear, if its part of a bigger picture, even when i think your right i am not going to go along. if its something i have been lied to repeatedly about.
        I backed 3 amnesties in my life, enough is indeed enough.

        During each one i patiently explained it was the right thing, why it was the right thing to do to my friends who claimed “you know they are going to be right back claiming the same thing down the road”.

        Yes, their message was perfectly crafted, well designed to play on my weaknesses. Its over totally played out. (even though it is tearing me up inside not to side with a person willing to serve our country in the military).
        I would rather pretend to be gay and marry the guy to get him citizenship than go along one more time.

        The game is over your side of this discussing has played this game way to many times.

  3. Mr. Lewis, please take your meds and then take a nap. Put down your pipe or joint or needle or whatever it is that feeds your bleakness. Get back in the “game” and never quit anything you truly believe in. Otherwise, the opposition wins. Stop waving your white flag.

    • Mr. Murphy i have no interest in giving you a hard time.

      When I read the article (which you seem to think I did not) I felt bad about both but in the instance of the military person; I saw two faces from my past (that i met while serving in Germany). Both outstanding people in every sense of the word. Before I met them i had no ideal. The fact they were willing to serve beside me to gain something I had due to luck of the draw (where i was born) had an effect on me beyond my ability to adequately put into words. The fact Pelosi would use that against me to play one more round of her political games I can put into words. I detest her.

      So slap me with your left while shaking my hand with your right just as long as it makes you feel better, its not a big deal to me.

      I would love to come home on the entire topic (not just the DACA piece) but I will not till something is done to those who benefit the most from creating a third tier of citizens. Enact and enforce a law to fine them 250,000 per incident and i’ll be home before the sun rises.

      Do that and i will support giving citizenship to every person currently living in America and any of its territories. I can be reasoned with but i am not playing the “heads they win tails i lose” game any more.

      I am in the tech field but it is my considered opinion that if businesses have to compete for labor in a market not depressed by black market labor all boats will rise.

  4. Mr Lewis, there are already federal laws against hiring illegal immigrants and the fines/penalties for same are based on how many, how often; Most fines are broken down to the following:

    First offenders can be fined $250-$2,000 per illegal employee.
    For a second offense, the fine is $2,000-$5,000 per illegal employee.
    Three or more offenses can cost an employer $3000-$10,000 per illegal employee. A pattern of knowingly employing illegal immigrants can mean extra fines and up to six months in jail for an employer.
    This does not include “harboring” illegal immigrants, or employing ten or more illegal immigrants in one year. Harboring an illegal immigrant can lead to ten years of prison time.

    I know discussions and negotiations are ongoing regarding the levels of fines, the number of enforcement officers needed, etc. Common sense tells me your idea of 250,000 per incident is a bit unreasonable. Easy to see a farmer who hires teams of veggie pickers every season would be out of business pretty quick – so the penalties seem substantial along those lines. Perhaps more can be done. I think enforcement of current laws is lacking – perhaps due to lack of officers – perhaps due to “no one gets hurt letting Mexicans work as cheap farm labor to help support their families” is one argument — flip side of that argument is “they are taking jobs away from Americans” – really? anyone seriously believe that? – same for other industries. Like trump’s hotels and kitchens – he hires hundreds of immigrants and I will assume they are legally hired on work visas and return to their homes at required end of terms. Who knows? Point being, all of that is currently being discussed and most likely there will be some changes, but doubtful per incident at 250,000 fine, not likely.

    So, is it reasonable that you base your life decisions on something like that? No. Sounds like some feeble excuse. And the other reason you mention has some deep-seated hatred for Pelosi for what still eats at your soul. I am sorry you had a life altering experience and she was mean to you. Put on your big boy pants and get on with your life – there is much good to find if you look for it! Those are my FINAL WORDS. Good Luck to you.

    • You wouldn’t argue for a single moment any other market should absorb the same situation. You would vehemently argue that such a situation should be expected to depress prices for any other product.

      I am guessing you would support fining a grandmother 1,000 dollars for her grandson downloading an illegal song or movie, per song. But a job, that shouldn’t be more than 200-300 dollars per job. The American market for a song is so much more important than its job market, NOT.

      That’s in the same range as a jaywalking ticket. You mock your own self sir.

      That whole argument “no Americans will do the job no matter how much you pay them” is pure horse crap and you know it.
      You absolutely know at 1,000 dollars an hour they would have more help than they can use. So between where its at and 1,000 there is a number that will clear the market.

      But that’s just it, you don’t want to find out what the fair market value is. So you hide behind the lie, from the actual truth “they wouldn’t for what you would be willing to pay”.

      So yes as long as the opposition is that unreasonable it is reasonable to respond in kind.

      Which is the real explanation for trump. You people have hid behind your pile of lies so long, we went out and found the biggest pile of lies we could find in an attempt to match you. Apparently its not work. Apparently you don’t understand what it feels like.

      I will double check to ensure my big boy pants are on when you quit spouting Chamber of Commerce propaganda.

      My last words, i guess that’s your version of dropping the mic.

      • Ok, you have reached the absurd now. Don’t put words in my mouth. I did not say anything you spouted throughout your little tantrum. You are on the ridiculous side of an argument about farmer’s paying $1000/hr to pick veggies — and want to somehow decide that is closer to “fair market value” – a truly absurd to asinine opinion. If a farmer pays anywhere near what your imagination thinks, he will no longer be farming. There will be no produce in the grocery stores. I believe the farmer could maybe pay a dime an hour more but beyond that, nope. Too many pickers and too many hours and too many crops. And I never said anything about “no matter how much you pay them”.

        I don’t even follow your loopy comment about downloading a song illegally and paying a fine as being more acceptable than someone being respected enough to be paid a fair wage and be able to feed their family. And then your jump to jaywalking crap. Just so – so – so ignorant. sorry, yes, ignorant.

        And do not refer to me as part of “you people” – you have no knowledge of me or what I do and what I am and I guarantee you there is nothing about trump that I like or respect. What you call Chamber of Commerce propaganda is only simple logic and it certainly is not propaganda. Almost every word of your post is insulting and perhaps even just stupid.

        Your ranting indicates you really are not of sound mind for whatever reason. I hope you find you way in life. My “Final Word” comment was not dropping the mic. But it sure as hell is now.

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