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Who’s Afraid Of ‘Rocket Man’?

She packed my bags last night pre-flight; Zero hour nine AM; And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then...

Comedy makes even the most ruthless tyrants palatable. Terror stabilizes their power, no matter how ridiculous they might appear – it is an antidote to their ridiculousness. Kim Jong Un’s chubby figure and his hairstyle have a completely different meaning with and without nuclear weapons — Notes From Disgracedland

Who’s afraid of “Rocket Man”?


Apparently not South Korean equities, although the last couple of weeks have seen foreigners selling with domestic institutions taking the baton.

As a reminder, the Kospi rose 1.8% last week, snapping a two-week losing streak despite Kim’s latest (literal) shot across the bow. And on Monday, the rally continued as South Korean shares “rocketed” 1.3% higher for their best day sine early May:


“South Korea’s shares are rewarding those brave enough to look past North Korea’s saber rattling to some of the strong fundamentals that underpin the bull case,” Bloomberg’s Kyoungwha Kim wrote overnight, adding that “the Kospi‘s climb to the highest in more than a month comes before South Korea PPI data due Tuesday, that is likely to show factory-gate prices bounced back in August.”

As a reminder, the “strong fundamentals” Kim (not that Kim) references look like this:


Rock-bottom valuations and sky-high earnings growth.

What’s not to like? …


2 comments on “Who’s Afraid Of ‘Rocket Man’?

  1. “Zero hour.. 9am.. I’m going to be high as a kite by then.”

  2. Kimbo looks fat and sassy to me…any food sanctions are definitely not hitting his his limo has plenty of gas also..Since the US is not going to do anything but jaw at him maybe Trump should just toss in the towel and do what he does best…shower Kimbo with stuff…Custom Golf cart for tooling around town..a limited edition Bob Hope Driver he can twirl around and pretend he’s a real player…some nice white bucks with matching belt.
    Later tonite I’ll sit down with a gin and tonic and try to conjure up a bigger dog and pony show anywhere than not hopeful.

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