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AFL-CIO President: ‘Turns Out They Were Racists’

"The other faction wasn't racist, but they were Wall Streeters."

Anyone remember AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s scathing Op-Ed in The New York Times?

If not, you can read it in its entirety here, but for those who want the shorter version, here are some key excerpts from Trumka’s piece, which was an effort to explain what compelled him to quit the President’s business council:

Unfortunately, with each passing day, it has become clear that President Trump has no intention of following through on his commitments to working people. More worrisome, his actions and rhetoric threaten to leave America worse off and more divided.

To be clear, the council never lived up to its potential for delivering policies that lift up working families. In fact, we were never called to a single official meeting, even though it comprised some of the world’s top business and labor leaders.

But the only thing the council ever manufactured was letterhead. In the end, it was just another broken promise.


Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Perhaps some of the Trump crowd can regale us with their “alternative” interpretation of that.

Well on Wednesday, Trumka spoke at a newsmaker breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor and the soundbites are hilarious.

The good news for the Steve Bannon fans out there is that Trumka generally agrees that Steve has the best interests of unions in mind when it comes to renegotiating trade deals that are hurting American workers.

The bad news is that Steve is a crazy, bigoted lunatic.

Here’s the quote from Trumka:

The faction that agrees with union leaders on trade turned out to be racist.

Yes, Bannon “turned out to be racist.” Who knew?!

As for the other “faction,” well, you already know the story there. Here’s Trumka again:

The other faction wasn’t racist, but they were Wall Streeters.

There you go America, “draining the swamp.”

And promptly filling it back up with “racists” and “Wall Streeters.”

Is that what you had in mind?



9 comments on “AFL-CIO President: ‘Turns Out They Were Racists’

  1. Reggie Easterling

    Any thoughts on Berkeley? I am sure that what went on this past weekend was ok with you.

    • Yes I do have some thoughts on Berkeley. Alt-SS black shirted thugs beat the hell out of some people that they had no possible way of knowing whether they were “nazis” or not..since they didn’t give them a chance to speak. The Berkeley police let these Alt-SS self appointed enforcers cover their faces and carry clubs. The most unfortunate aspect of all this crap is that two fringe groups are now energizing many not on those fringes to identify and potentially act for one or the other.
      When the SS antifa starts beating black conservatives speaking at rallies will that then make them “racist.” Beating up pathetic middle aged white people (men and women) apparently doesn’t rise to the level of pejorative labelling.

      • Anonymous

        Still supporting racist genocide lovers I see. Tsk, tsk. You really should know better

  2. Curt A Tyner

    Well bringing up one instance of stupidity is simple in agreement, covering the entire alt-right, republican, scam-artist religious nuts becomes long and tedious work. The transgressions are so numerous they would not fit in this post. Then you come to our completely crazy president and the hypocrisy is of epic proportions. So go away my alt-right friend you are lost in alt-Bannon delusion.

    • Actually it’s many more than one instance and criticizing it has nothing to do with being a supporter of Trump or Bannon. Of course, you might explain why you trivialize the thuggishness of antifa and why Trump’s half witted remarks justify any beat downs of his supporters. Apparently standing up for people expressing their views touches a raw nerve thru your thin skin.

      • Anonymous

        Calling the antics thuggish while the alt-right actually already killed a person at one rally and used live ammo at another is just plain stupid. Go run to your mother and tell her you need a good spanking.

  3. Reggie Easterling

    Curt, people like you just reinforce the point I was trying to make. Some people can walk down the middle and see the good on both sides. And then there are people like you and H!

    • Anonymous

      You urgently need to go see a good psychiatrist

    • Anonymous

      So, Reggie, you freak, what exactly would be the “good” on your side? You have lost your mind and you have no place in today’s society. This is one of those issues where there is no “middle”. No gray area. No almost. So you should just take your insane president with you and slink back into the darkness.

      – Murphy

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