In Latest Rebuke, Mattis Halts Trump’s Transgender Ban, Contradicts North Korea Tweet

It’s starting to seem more and more like lawmakers and even members of Donald Trump’s own Cabinet have come to the conclusion that in the interest of staving off the apocalypse, they’re just going to have to start ignoring what the President says.

Take this statement, for instance, out Tuesday from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis:


Yes, “in the interim, current policy with respect to currently serving members will remain in place.”

So basically, Mattis isn’t going to implement Trump’s transgender ban. This is the Secretary of Defense halting Trump’s ban just the same way the judiciary halted his “other” ban, only this time, the roadblock comes from his own Cabinet.

That was yesterday. Fast forward to Wednesday and Mattis again found himself having to effectively walk back what he pretty clearly thinks is bad policy. Listen below:

They quite literally asked him if the President’s tweet was true, and he quite literally said “no.”

You’re reminded that this comes on the heels of comments Mattis made to troops stationed abroad, comments in which he seemed to be referring to Trump.

You can make of the above what you will but it seems to me that at some point, Trump is going to have to decide whether he’s willing to tolerate consistent rebukes from those closest to him or else reshuffle the furniture (again).



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