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Donald Trump Is Sick Of Being Extorted By Koreans, Is Done Talking.

Fast forward to Wednesday and....

Tuesday was all about what Donald Trump didn’t say about North Korea.

Pretty much the entire reason the yen surged with gold and equity futs plunged on news Kim had fired a missile that ended up flying over Japan was that no one had any idea how Donald Trump would respond.

Would it be teleprompter Trump? Or would it be Pulp Fiction, “fire and fury” Trump?


Mercifully, the President was distracted with trying to pretend like he cares about hurricane victims, and so all we got on Tuesday was a canned response that someone wrote for him (“all options are on the table”) and then “we’ll see” when a reporter asked him what was going on below that blonde beaver pelt he wears on his head.

Of course we all know what Trump wanted to say.

He wanted to say that North Korea has been extorting America for years and that he’s sick of talking and wants to blow some shit up.

Fast forward to Wednesday and….


So what, pray tell, is the answer?



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