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Trump Overdoses On Fox & Friends, Tells World He’s ‘Locked And Loaded’

Trump is back on Twitter this morning to prove that he is a real contender for the absurd propaganda title belt that's been comfortably held by Kim and his ancestors for decades.

I guess we have to assume that Donald Trump is either:

  1. long VXX;
  2. short sanity (with leverage);
  3. or both

Because after telling Kim Jong Un that if he isn’t careful, North Korea is “going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world,” Trump is back on Twitter this morning to prove that he is a real contender for the absurd propaganda title belt that’s been comfortably held by Kim and his ancestors for decades.

Here’s Trump not-very-calmly telling everyone how he’s all “locked and loaded” and ready to go:


And if you’re wondering what might have prompted that tweet (because you can bet it wasn’t approved by any generals), look no further than who he was busy retweeting beforehand:


There you go.

High on Fox & Friends and stories about the “fallout” from “turning on Trump,” that same Trump is going to show the world what “fallout” really means…



6 comments on “Trump Overdoses On Fox & Friends, Tells World He’s ‘Locked And Loaded’

  1. Anonymous

    Reality truly is stranger than any fiction. For a work of fiction to be taken seriously requires a certain level of plausibility, otherwise, it risks being deemed irrelevant. Reality, of course, has no such requirement. Who would have taken seriously any fictional work that had a hermit society, led by a child dictator that looks like Mr. Potato-Head with a bad haircut, facing-off against the mightiest nation on the planet, whose elected leader is a clueless psychologically challenged 70-year old child that was installed by Russian hackers. Who could even conceive such an implausible scenario? But here we are.

    • Well said. If there is a “deep state,” an Illuminati, or some other global cabal that actually rules us all – they have a strong sense of absurd humor in the puppets they install.

    • Is this the college campus safe room? There are some crazy right wing nuts talking and I simply do not want to hear it! I demand my hot chocolate now to sooth my bleeding ears. Did you march in the street when Hillary lost cause it was just too unfair? Did you cry? Are you a victim? Life is so rough isn’t it. On top of it all, there are too many idiots out there who refuse to see the light of your wisdom! *At some point you don’t ever question how stupid all this whining is?

      • Anonymous

        Hey, it’s the Idiot ANON. You keep popping up to spew your ignorance! And some of us are still awaiting your reply — ? Your “name” is a link to
        Why? C’mon, show us the light of your “wisdom” – HA!

        – Murphy

  2. Curt A Tyner

    Gotta send some love out to our new best right-wing pal, Anon. Come on it take some time to realize you are being played BUT when the light comes on that your “little boy trump” is a phony you get pissed. So give our pal a some encouraging room to grow into a real human with some empathy for his fellow man. Come on A-man you know you want to, all it takes is the first step.

  3. Today I took a bit of time to contemplate Destructo’s education, upbringing, background, history and experience with politics and women, his families, intellect, mental condition, business success and failures, his disability with regard to truthfulness, his childlike nature, his being thin skinned, impulsive, compulsive, and a self absorbed narcissist with a uncontrollable monstrous ego. I analyzed my observations in the context of how they fit in with Destructo’s performance as President of the United States of America, and why it causes the reaction it does for me, I was able to come up with this allegory:

    A zoo. A chimpanzee in a cage with an orange fluff of head hair. The keeper hands him a yellow rubber ducky which, when squeezed, makes high pitched sounds. He eyeballs and smells the doll and discovers no life. He squeezes it and to his surprise it makes a high pitched noise which causes him to throw it against the cage bars as hard as he can. He looks for damage but sees none. He throws it harder and harder as he jumps up and down screaming louder and louder with complete frustration as he can’t stop the sound or destroy the doll. He jumps on the doll but can’t destroy it. He sticks the head in his mouth and rips it off. The sound remains and now he’s beside himself. He goes uncontrollably berserk throwing himself into the cage bars, eyes bulging, saliva spilling and nose snorting. Now a danger to himself and every animal and human in the zoo. What’s to be done?

    I’m not sure if this conveys it. But it sure helped typing it.
    I guess here’s where HR’s Dylan Grice’s quote sure is relevant.

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