Trump: I’m Going To Do Things To North Korea That They ‘Never Thought Were Possible’

"Things will happen to them like they never thought possible."


There for a minute, it seemed like we were going to be forced to make it through a lazy, hazy (at least here on the island) summer afternoon without a strong dose of presidential “covfefe.”

But then, just when everyone’s heads were about to hit the keyboards … high octane hyperbole courtesy of the commander-in-chief:

Here are the bullets (figuratively and literally, in this case):

  • “If anything, that statement may not be tough enough,” President Trump tells reporters in response to question on North Korean regime calling the U.S. leader’s warning “nonsense.”

  • It’s not acceptable what North Korea has “been doing and what they’ve been getting away with,” Trump says to reporters in Bedminster, N.J.
  • American people should feel “comfortable,” he says regarding N. Korean threats
    “The people of our country are safe, our allies are safe”
  • If North Korea does anything to U.S. or its allies “they can be very very nervous”
  • “Things will happen to them like they never thought possible”: Trump
  • People of North Korea should be careful, or they’re going to “be in trouble” like they’ve never been before, Trump says


That’s right folks: when “fire and fury” just ain’t enough.

It appears our begging did not fall on deaf ears after all…


15 comments on “Trump: I’m Going To Do Things To North Korea That They ‘Never Thought Were Possible’

  1. When the douchebaggery of Kim Jong-un has just out-douched everyone in the vicinity, Destructo must,
    in no uncertain terms, prove that he alone is the biggest douchebag in the world, bar none.

    And so, without further ado: Destructo opened his ignorant and untrained yap to, yet again, demonstrate beyond all doubt, why the great majority of billions of people around the world think he’s the dumbest fucking schmuck ever to speak on any subject with the these six re-interepeted messages to from him to
    Kim Jong-un:

    “Mine is bigger than yours,”
    “Nah, nah, I’m smarter than you are,”
    “Americans, there’s nothing to worry about, everything’s just fine,
    there’s nothing more here than my having put the military on DEFCON 1,”
    “Don’t make a false move or we’ll shoot a nuclear missile at you,”
    “Something bad is going to happen to you, you’ll see,”
    and, finally the ultimate most terrifying threat of all:
    “If you don’t do what I say you’ll be in big trouble.”

  2. Anonymous

    I just watched this ignorant goon make his tough guy speech — he is gonna do stuff like no one has ever seen before? Hell, we already are. Stupid fucker.

    – Murphy

  3. Anonymous

    This is no longer a joke. Once any kind of warfare begins, nuclear weapons will be used by one or both of these unstable leaders. At that point in time, the earth will be ruined, not to mention the millions of people whose lives would be lost immediately.
    I do not believe that President Trump is competent to continue to control our nuclear arsenal and our military.

  4. Anonymous

    You lefties are all delusional.

  5. Hey, wtf, have you hacked my office!! How’d you know I was a lefty?

  6. Spunky McGregor

    All hail stigginit. Praise glory leader. Fury, Fire, Covfefe!

    …am I doing this right? I’m not even worried any more, I just need to know what to scratch on the inside of my fallout shelter.

  7. Curt A Tyner

    Us lefties are delusional. WHAT! Please do yourself a favor and just look in a mirror. Now pay attention for just a few seconds please try. All it would take for your guy and Kim to ruin the entire Korean peninsula, that is 100 million people+ is a mistake. That’s right a single, simple, ignorant, impulsive, irrational, nervous, maybe nobody’s fault mistake. That’s it, all those people dead and the rest of the world would have to suffer the consequences of that mistake for generations to come because the half life of plutonium is just 125,000 years. So who is DELUSIONAL????

  8. Anonymous

    Grown men fighting because they were “disrespected” – for God’s sake, sounds like a bunch of losers in prison and their little prison gangs and fighting because they were disrespected. And millions of innocent people will be killed? Have you lost your fucking minds? Well, we have trump and kim and a few more that follow them AND a few at this site, cheering them on – fucking idiots! And Trump is playing a game with the whole thing. He wants people to see him as a tough guy and he is a stupid coward. A chicken shit coward.

    – Murphy

  9. How can it be that Trumpians are so indifferent to an Accidental Nuclear War? Do they not mind, or perhaps they love the smell of grilled dried squid and the sickly-sweet smell of death everywhere in the morning?”

    To those fortunate many on this page and in the world who choose to use logic, intellect, knowledge, science, history, analysis, common sense, experience, human understanding, common sense and a view in a light most favorable to humanity’s survival, I give you this discourse to accentuate the point: ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR WAR: A Timeline of Close Calls:

    as well as the following:

    So, Mr. Trumpian, If you read through any of pages linked to the above and still come away with, “You lefties are all delusional,” it’s simply because our so-called delusion is incompatible with your nihilist perception of the universe. And, with that frame of reference you are rendered incapable of opining truthfully on any matter. Thus, your assertion of “fake news” = “the truth.” See how that works?

    • Anonymous

      Marty, whew. I read them all. Seriously unnerving incidents, most of which I never knew about. Of course the Cuban Missile Crisis I have very clear recall – young teen years and first time I became aware of more than just my own little world. ha! All of us really believed it was soon gonna be all over. And reading of all the other incidents of human errors, mechanical failures and in some cases the mechanical non-failure that saved our asses(!), alarms and mis-sightings, whew.

      But never were there two stupid ego driven buffoons ready to kill millions of people because they were disrespected and did not want to let the other one get away with it. If one of the hundreds of other people in our government sit on their ass and let this happen, I have no words to describe my anger. I don’t give a crap about the proper procedures and processes to stop this president but he must be stopped. He must not be allowed to throw the first punch, under any circumstances. This little twerp in N. Korea wants to show his ass and drop a non-nuclear missile 25 mi off the shores of Guam – then hit him with every sanction that we and our Allies can muster – but do not kill millions of people because he disrespected anyone.

      – Murphy

      • If you ask me Murphy, Trump is far more dangerous than Kim Jong-un, because I believe Trump is mentally impaired, is an ignorant human, is wholly driven by a vacuous ego, is totally new to the levers of power and the duties that comes with it and has no idea of the earthly consequences that result when he uses words. If anyone is apt to start a preemptive war it will be our madman for a president.

  10. John Watts

    I saw the original full clip on Bloomberg here:

    First I was going to say, what a fucking moron, and why is he intentionally trying to start a war?

    But after I got over that, I realized what he’s doing, and it’s so transparent (if not utterly fucking stupid). Look at that clip, about halfway through he starts saying “I have great respect for China and Russia,” “probably [sanctions] won’t be as effective as a lot of people think it will be” and “I believe China can do a lot more and I think China will do a lot more.” Great.

    Then he brings up trade. “We have a lot of trade with China. We have hundreds of billions of dollars a year with China. They know how I feel. It’s not going to continue like that. But if China helps us, I feel a lot differently for trade. A lot differently. We are safe, our allies are safe.”

    And that’s where he gives it away. He’s playing this game of chicken with N.Korea, escalating tension between the countries purposefully, trying to back China into a corner to aggressively act against N.Korea, using trade as leverage. It’s absolutely fucked up how coy he’s being playing around with nuclear weapons, but he must realize N.Korea can’t reach mainland U.S. with missiles and knows they can’t survive without China. Obviously he can’t do use trade against China without huge economic repercussions for the U.S., so he’s escalating things to create this sense of urgency, using something China cares about for two reasons. First as a bargaining chip, and second as an excuse to appear stronger when he inevitably reveals he can’t do anything about trade with China. (“look they helped us out with N.Korea, so we will keep favorable terms for trade”)

    I mean, if it didn’t involve nuclear weapons and he didn’t mention his entire fucking plan in a single 3 minute clip, I’d say it’s a good move. But alas, it is Trump, a guy who ‘accidentally’ leaked classified information over nothing. Can’t expect too much out of him.

  11. Anonymous

    Marty, I couldn’t agree more! The only thing he wanted was the spotlight and the cheering crowds. He wanted to WIN. That’s the game with him. Other than that…not much else in his head. They must get him out of there.

    – Murphy

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Dude Factor No9, your into geopolitics, can you see the one move on the chess board that no one else does, because there is one.

  13. “Things will happen to them like they never thought possible”, he learned them at that Moscow party.

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