Wednesday Humor: Scaramucci Says Trump ‘Most Pro-LGBTQ President In History’


Well, it looks like Anthony Scaramucci might have forgotten one tweet in the effort to purge his Twitter account of any and all Trump criticism.

Either that, or he’s learning what it’s like to be the communications director for a President who can’t keep his message straight.

Because… well… because look at this from February…


Yes, “why’s that story not written in the mainstream media?

Oh, that’s right, this is why…

From earlier

Ok, here’s the thing.

If you are a Boy Scout and you think that in all likelihood, you will grow up to be heterosexually married, you are more than welcome to pledge your loyalty to the Third-World dictator/ reality TV show host that America is currently calling its President.

And look, Boy Scouts, he might need you. Because it seems entirely possible that at some point, they’ll be a military coup to remove this unhinged, would-be autocrat from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In the event that happens, he might be forced to call up the Scouts to fend off the rebellious US army.

But here’s the other thing. Not included in the soldiers who will eventually have to intervene and remove Trump, will be any transgender individuals.

Because Trump just literally tweeted this:


So consider yourself “advised,” LGBT community, Trump “cannot be burdened” with the “tremendous” aggravations of allowing you to fight and die for him.


That’s ok “Mooch,” because remember what your boss said back in May:

1 comment on “Wednesday Humor: Scaramucci Says Trump ‘Most Pro-LGBTQ President In History’

  1. Anonymous says:

    this “decision/discussion” was postponed until Jan 2018 and he is a liar to say “after consulting with his generals and military experts” – they were all caught off guard with this tweet– imagine a “tweet” to deliver such incredible news? No clues on how they will deal with current enlistments.

    This is yet another deflection to take attention off the Russian investigation as the hot topic on the news outlets. AND, a bonus, it feeds that insatiable obsession of overturn everything Obama did before he left office. Day in day out, it is Obama, Hillary, and Sessions, fake news, Obamacare …… I think his next target will Rex Tillerson.

    – Murphy

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