Trump: “Best” To Cancel Briefings Because It’s “Not Possible” To Figure Out What I’m Doing

Look, the thing about keeping your story straight when you’re talking to the public is that it’s really fucking hard when you’re i) lying, ii) making it up as you go along, or iii) both.

This is made immeasurably worse for folks like Sean Spicer (who, administration protestations notwithstanding, you’ve gotta believe will eventually be replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders) by the fact that the President does and says things that are completely incoherent and indefensible.

Well on Friday, Trump has had enough of trying to herd his cats and pose his pandas…

So he figures that since it’s “impossible” for his staff to figure out what the fuck he’s doing/thinking on any given day, he might just need to cancel “all future press briefings.”

Presented without further comment…


5 thoughts on “Trump: “Best” To Cancel Briefings Because It’s “Not Possible” To Figure Out What I’m Doing

  1. Wow. Just fucking wow. Hope everyone is paying close attention to the moment of history we are in. We are fast approaching failed state status.

  2. AGAIN, this man and his cabal, brood and “followers” (ah sh*t, nuts) are DANGEROUS for this entire PLANET. You have to care about something before you can defend it or nourish it. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT care about ANYTHING but themselves. They will throw their own grandmother under a bus to get their way, they are spoiled on power and greed, they are like locust. Does anyone think they will stop?? They get caught doing (sh*t everything) and what do they do? No apology, no nothing they just move on to the next victim. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$’s and me, me I, I. Time for all of them to go, maybe Russia will take them in trade for something worthwhile …like…, sure a couple cases ought to do it….

  3. beyond all doubt, this is the most disrespectful repugnant arrogant jackass to ever enter the Oval Office, much less occupy it!

  4. My gut on tapes existing…..probably not then but he is checking into his brilliant idea now. I hope there are tapes BUT he will not divulge them to prove against Comey because Comey is not lying – no way, not with his history and commitment! PLUS he will have to give any and all tapes up and I would imagine there are some disgusting conversations that have taken place with him in that office! Just a few of the visitors we know about (since he keeps most a secret) – like the 3 that had their picture taken in front of the Hillary painting! Can you just imagine what that would be like? And secret recordings in the Oval Office — shades of Nixon!! ha ha ha!!

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