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Trump Threatens Comey As Trump Jr. Says @StockMonsterUSA Right That Bill Clinton Is Murderer

Oh dear lord...

Well, Trump is having a meltdown.

Exactly 19 minutes after saying that because it “isn’t possible” for his “surrogates” to figure out what he’s doing/thinking he may need to “cancel all future press briefings,” the President decided he needed to Twitter-threaten James Comey:

Besides the fact that he doesn’t seem to realize he’s putting himself on the fast track to impeachment, the other funny thing about this morning’s tweets is that Trump apparently doesn’t understand how to use scare quotes.

Also hilarious (in a macabre kind of way) is that this comes just a day after Trump Jr. shared this tweet from @StockMonsterUSA:

@StockMonsterUSA’s Twitter account features a profile picture of an angry King Kong swatting at planes set against a banner image of a business man wind-sprinting up a chart:


His bio cautions that “Tweets are NOT recommendations,” but that apparently escaped Trump Jr., who appeared to second the long-debunked notion that Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster.

Although, as CNN noted on Thursday, Jr. was probably “trying to defend his father’s firing of FBI Director James Comey,” the retweet could very easily be read as a threat.

@StockMonsterUSA’s bio also contains these gems:

LOVE TRUMP !! Followed by Etc

#MAGA indeed…



1 comment on “Trump Threatens Comey As Trump Jr. Says @StockMonsterUSA Right That Bill Clinton Is Murderer

  1. As if Trump hasn’t already killed civilians in missile attacks in Syria. All Presidents become murderers, all have blood on their hands. It comes with the job.

    Vince Foster? Who knows? The bigger issue is Trump’s mental fixation with trying to change the past and or assign blame for his incompetence on the past. What? He doesn’t have enough problems in his present and future to focus on. Albeit most are of his own creation.

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