The Obvious Reason Why Trump’s ‘Other’ Chat With Putin Is A Problem

"It’s reasonable to worry about what he might have told Mr. Putin."


Via WaPo’s Editorial Board

THE ALARMS over President Trump’s second meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Group of 20 summit are, in one way, overheated. Staying engaged with Russia and its leader, including through a spontaneous pull-aside at a closed dinner for world leaders, is not in itself a fault: At best, it might help alleviate mistrust and avoid miscalculation at a time of high tension. While it is possible to object to Mr. Trump’s impulsive style and tendency to bypass established channels, the problem is not so much that he sought out Mr. Putin for an informal chat. Rather, it is the deeply troubling and unresolved questions about his relationship with Russia, which mean that any such contact raises serious — and understandable — concerns.

“Engagement” is not a dirty word. Even in the worst days of the Cold War, in the shadow of the Cuban missile crisis and the 1983 war scare, the United States remained in close communication with the Soviet Union. A back channel often proved vital. During the tense days of autumn 1983, the National Security Council specialist on Soviet affairs, Jack F. Matlock Jr., met quietly in a cafeteria opposite the Old Executive Office Building with a Soviet journalist he had known, who revealed the dire situation in Moscow, including Soviet leaders’ deepening uncertainty about possible war with the United States. This was important information.

Talk isn’t bad; what’s key is the nature of the talk. To carefully calibrate messages to world leaders, presidents usually rely on an elaborate bureaucratic machine, including the interagency process and the National Security Council staff. Mr. Trump’s dinner chat showed once again his proclivity to act alone, and he undoubtedly created headaches. With no U.S. note-taker or interpreter, the U.S. national security structure was left without a record of the exchange, except for Mr. Trump’s memory. Mr. Putin will have a better record.

But the deeper problem is the epidemic of mistrust Mr. Trump has created about his ties to Russia, which sensationalizes contacts that might otherwise be unremarkable. The doubts began during the campaign with his failure to release his tax returns, which could show the origins of his income, and grew worse when Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and the email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. Mr. Trump refused to accept U.S. intelligence community warnings of Russian interference during the election, and his family and his campaign associates have repeatedly been negligent or untruthfulabout their contacts with Russian officials — most recently, in the accounts of a meeting with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Ms. Clinton. In his first meeting as president with Russia’s foreign minister, Mr. Trump blurted out classified information. It’s reasonable to worry about what he might have told Mr. Putin.

Mr. Trump often calls investigations of his Russia ties a “witch hunt.” But the fact is that he created the swirl of suspicion. Only he can clear it up — and until he does, there will be reason for concern about any contact he has with Mr. Putin.


2 comments on “The Obvious Reason Why Trump’s ‘Other’ Chat With Putin Is A Problem

  1. Simon Edmonds

    A fake storm in a reality tea cup.

  2. Trump reminds me of our neighbors daughter who is constantly sneaking off from her home to meet with her boyfriend – a known thug with a long criminal record. No matter what her parents and even her friends try to do to persuade her that this guy can’t be trusted and that he is seriously dangerous – they are unable to defeat her juvenile and unwise fascination with the neighborhood “bad boy.” The fact she is just of convenient use to this gangster’s own ends – is obviously beyond both her intellectual capacity, and naive experience level.

    Of course Trump is definitely not a “sweet young thing,” but he has lived the sheltered life of a wealthy heir with the best “help” to make him look good and spend his money relatively wisely. Unfortunately, Trump now does not own all the “help.” Nor is he going to grow out of his declining aged mental capacities, their resulting and obvious growing intellectual failures. These failures aren’t only destroying his reputation, that of his immediate family’s, the entire Republican Party’s – but more importantly and as well – an entire nation’s.

    So, in line with this analogy – the entire nation is now wondering if Trump has already been “knocked up” by Putin? Surely, we all know there will not be a marriage. Any issue of the their illicit union will also be illegal, and there will be no “happily ever afters” for any of us regarding Trump’s ill-advised Russia relationships – assuming we survive them as a nation. Like my neighbor’s daughter and her family, because of Trump and his poor decisions – we’re all fucked.

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