“Fuck My Life”: Trump Aides Respond To Comey Conspiracy Tweets

“Fuck My Life”: Trump Aides Respond To Comey Conspiracy Tweets

So on Thursday we learned that Donald Trump does not in fact have tapes of his conversations with the FBI Director he definitely didn't fire for investigating the administration's ties to the Kremlin. And that's too bad. Because it sure as shit would have been funny to listen to Trump actually say "I need loyalty. I expect loyalty." Of course we all knew he was bluffing. James Comey certainly knew it even though, like the rest of us, he was really hoping the recordings existed ("Lordy, I hope
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6 thoughts on ““Fuck My Life”: Trump Aides Respond To Comey Conspiracy Tweets

  1. Lets just ponder a few new ones of “Clusterfu*k in Chief” and staff. How about “fos” easy, full of sh*t, or “fyl” a little harder, fu*k your life, harder still “ftw” fu*k the world, there you go pretty much takes care of any and all problems.

  2. Chipping away at his integrity? Is there any of that left? This is a man with such a relationship with the truth that if he said I had to drink water to survive I’d weld all the taps in my house closed.

  3. ‘But then, unprompted, he floated another possibility: U.S. intelligence or law enforcement officials might have his office bugged.”

    He may be onto something: “Perhaps” he’s incorrect about U.S. intelligence bugging his his “office,” but not his phone calls, and he might be correct if he asserted that his conversations were intercepted and recorded by Western intelligence (e.g., UK, France, Israel) when he communicated by phone, text or cable with Manafort, Flynn and Kushner while they were outside of the U.S.:

    You know, such things are not unheard of:




  4. Who says Kushner or Bannon didn’t “make” or “have” tapes? Trump only stated that HE didn’t. And he’s a fucking liar anyway. Why believe THIS, since you can’t believe ANYTHING the asshole says?

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