Trump Thinks It’s “Sad” You Haven’t Found Enough Evidence To Impeach Him Yet

Have you had your "covfefe" this morning?

Have you had your “covfefe” this morning?

Well if not, the President has your back, because he’s up and he’s got his Twitter app open.

You’ll note that on Thursday we got two rounds of Trump tweets, the first of which found him uncharacteristically despairing, as he delivered a virtual head shake: “nice.”

Hours later, he was back to being Trump, blasting out a series of angry (and exceedingly ridiculous) messages imploring America to explain why he can’t cite something someone else did as a defense against charges he rigged the election.

Fast forward to Friday, and Trump wants America to know that people have been investigating him for seven months and he thinks it’s pretty goddamn “sad” that after all that time, they haven’t managed to find any video tape of him handing Vladimir Putin an envelope full of cash with “Hillary murder money” scribbled on the front of it in permanent Sharpie:


Of course what’s lost on Trump is that it probably isn’t a great idea to constantly remind the public that he’s the subject of a months-long probe into whether he’s colluding with a hostile foreign power. That’s the kind of thing you generally want to not remind people about. But you know, it’s Trump.

Anyway, here’s the “official” press release for laughs…


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