A Frustrated Trump Addresses Obstruction Investigation: “Nice”

So Donald Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice.

If you somehow missed that story, you can read our hilarious (and candid) take on it here.

Basically, the reason it makes sense for Robert Mueller to look into whether Trump tried to obstruct the Russia probe is because … wait for it… Trump tried to obstruct the Russia probe.

See the logic there?

It’s kind of reminds me a little bit of the old John Mogan bank robbery story. One reason police suspected John in the August 2015 heist at a bank in Ashville, Ohio is that just one month earlier, he had been released from prison where he served time for bank robbery.

But what sealed the deal for investigators was this picture John posted to Facebook:


As Lt. Dale Parish of the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office noted at the time that picture was posted, “good decision-making isn’t his strong suit.”

Right. And so it goes for Donald Trump. “Good decision-making isn’t his strong suit” either, and the series of events that ultimately led up to Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation amount to the presidential version of John Mogan’s money-chewing Facebook post.

As we put it last night, “at this point it’s so blatant that you’ve got to think Mueller would have to investigate it even if he didn’t want to, or risk looking like either an accomplice or a complete buffoon.”

Well, Trump is incredulous. Or maybe “exasperated” is better.

This morning’s tweet sounds more war-weary than anything and lacks the usual exclamation points.

Also, Trump’s go-to closer (“sad”) has been replaced with a sarcastic “nice.”


“Nice,” indeed.

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One thought on “A Frustrated Trump Addresses Obstruction Investigation: “Nice”

  1. “The donald is mired in sh*t up to his ears and is now just figuring out it is his own self-inflicted demise. This man is more like a cross between John Morgan (aka:money biter par excellance’) and the intellectual giant “Joe the plummer” soon to be be swallowed up spit out and ruined by his own hubris. The donald needs to go down the path of “payback is a bitch” that most of us get every day. This is not Lawsuits’R’Us where $$$$ talks hence bullsh*t wins and intimidation and threats leave your opponent quaking in fear of the almighty donald trump. These are the “Bigly Leagues” where the mighty have fallen and been crushed into history’s dust bins. The game is not afoot it is quickly approaching “game-over”.

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