Revisiting The “Tokyo Whale”

Revisiting The “Tokyo Whale”

One of the things I've noticed in my (often spectacularly unsuccessful) attempts to explain to average investors the extent to which the Bank of Japan intervenes in domestic equity and bond markets, is that there's a tendency for people to believe that what I'm telling them is too absurd to be true. And while it's often frustrating when people refuse to believe something that is not only explicit policy, but is in fact discussed all of the time and reiterated at televised policy meetings, I ca
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2 thoughts on “Revisiting The “Tokyo Whale”

  1. “[The Trump] vote was going to end up plunging America into an Erdogan-esque experiment in autocracy.”


    A tongue-in-cheek example of your own willful ignorance, perhaps? Giving you the benefit of the doubt, of course. I’m not quite WILLing to believe you’re so IGNORANT as to honestly think any Trump actions are in any way comparable to Erdogan’s purges and perpetual state of emergency powers.

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